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'The Great Brexit Swindle' 2016

(copied from Amazon summary)

T. J. Coles uncovers the forces seeking to uncouple Britain from the European Union. Allied to an expanding core of free market fanatics in the Conservative party is a powerful group of globalists and financial traders. Their political ideology is neoliberalism – a worldwide agenda that seeks to deregulate markets and maximize profits for global elites at the expense of working people. The effect is a growing gap internationally between rich and poor.

Digging deep into the funding campaign, The Great Brexit Swindle documents the potent, self-serving interests behind Brexit. In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, mega-rich hedge fund managers and billionaire CEOs are keen to be rid of Brussels and its ‘red tape’ regulation. Their anti-European political allies, meanwhile, are preparing to corner markets in Asia and South America, whilst expanding Britain’s military capacity as a back-up to economic penetration.

Brexit was sold to the public as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to regain sovereignty, control immigration and increase the nation’s wealth. But, despite the manifold promises of Brexiteers, Coles demonstrates that economic globalization will lead to growing job insecurity and greater immigration, once British workers are put in direct competition with the huge, poor populations of countries like Brazil, China, Mexico and India. Increasing ‘free market’ trade worldwide leaves Britain open to low-quality products, such as hormone-treated American beef and genetically-modified foods, whilst the new planned trade agreements would only accelerate the privatization of public services. Although Coles is not an advocate for the EU, he argues that the Brexit agenda is designed only to serve the interests of the wealthy and increasingly powerful 0.1% of the population.

[And Brexit removes any power the EU might have had to frustrate Israel's grip on the UK - see 'Joss Sheldon' below:]




Joss Sheldon

Joss Sheldon is a writer I recently discovered perchance while surfing Amazon reviews of some books I have.... I like to see what other people make of them. Dipping into the 'look-inside' option for Joss's books - ones with attractive (to me) summaries or titles - I judge they're written a bit simplistically (maybe they're meant for younger readers?), though they tackle serious major issues that I've found interesting and tried to cover myself in several articles on this site, issues I reckon well worth getting to grips with. Then I noticed he wrote a blog.... hosted by an outfit called 'medium.com'.... which unlike his books is highly articulate and professional, at least that's my opinion.

So his first book that interested me concerned 'conditioning', especially the conditioning he'd experienced as a kid... like Pavlov's famous dog: reward desired behaviour, punish undesired behaviour and you end up with either a confirmed resentful rebel or more often a blind conformist. I know exactly what he's talking about, and some.... as too did Ronnie Laing. Here's a link to Joss's relevant blog:

Operant Conditioning

Joss's other blogs are also topical and poignant, which is why of all the articles/authors I could cite I select the following:

Apartheid - Occupied


Somewhere in his text, I recall, Joss mentions that he's Jewish, which may seem relevant with regard to his perspective on 'occupation' in the current climate with Israel and Palestine in particular.

Although Joss's blogs were written several years ago, last April former Tory minister Alan Duncan published his diaries where he claims that Israel is running UK foreign policy. I imagine he'd be open to legal challenge if his claim wasn't based on clear evidence. But either way, it's been pretty obvious, looking back, that Israel has been in charge since Blair became PM back in 1997. Home sec Priti Patel is amazingly open about being arm-in-arm with the Israeli govt, for instance. And Boris is totally supportive of 'arms-to-Israel', 'arms-to-Saudi Arabia'... etc, and their cruel wars of oppression. Twitter is awash with videos of Israeli soldiers abusing civilians who they frequently murder without a qualm, usually defenceless kids.




See Top Docs website:

BANANA Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison....

Reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez's memoir 'Living to Tell the Tale' where he mentions writing his first 'novel' (or novella) 'Leaf Storm' around age 27, it occurred to me how little I knew of his motivation for writing what he did. I hadn't read 'Leaf Storm' (though it sits on the shelf beside me - acquired, I notice, from an Old Town junk shop for 35p some years ago) but I remember well his masterpiece 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' from when I read it way back in the 80s (it was published in 1967 when he was 40) and his reasons for writing it are described on wikipedia.

Garcia Marquez was born just after the banana massacre that was so shocking to ordinary people they could barely talk about it, opponents of such corporate murder (instigated by the US govt on behalf of the United Fruit Company) formed alliances from which emerged the famous people's army FARC. It was this massacre that haunted Marquez and which he portrays in 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'. As he implies in his memoir: If you want to exorcise what haunts you then write about it.

The above Top Docs link reveals a range of outstanding and up to date documentary films on issues that I believe would have concerned Marquez, who died in 2014.

Publication of issues like this makes no difference, alas; the world remains dominated by untold greed and brutality, mostly derived from or supported by US politicians and the corporate outfits they support (and represent), as with the banana massacre. But to become aware... to look deeper and question everything.... of the true nature of the thugs we are expected to vote for every 4 or 5 years should be an obligation of us all.... only then might there be a chance that civilisation can prevail in the world.

In his 1997 memoir 'Palimpsest' Gore Vidal dedicates a whole chapter to Guatemala where he lived during 1954 when the US bombed Guatemala City because workers resisted that same United Fruit Company's attempts to enslave them. Vidal later discovered that a 'kindly' millionaire uncle of his who was heavily invested in United Fruit (and was close to the US govt) had inspired the attack which led to the overthrow of the Guatemalan govt and the installation of a US compliant Fascist dictator. He subsequently spent the rest of his life attacking the US establishment and its empirical ambitions.

Garcia Marquez eloquently denounces these and other atrocities in his 1982 Nobel Prize speech - but almost, I thought, as if they were a more or less inevitable part of a history of violence and massacres in Latin America. Even so, he declares his hope that such events remain in the past... yet 40-years later Western imperialists (in particular the US, UK and Israel) have only increased their imperial ambitions, but not just in Latin America: see, for instance: William Blum - scroll down through 56 chapters of invasions, massacres and plundering by the US alone between 1945 and 1992 - since when most notably there has been Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya... as well as continued attempts to overturn elected Latin American governments, esp Venezuela with its vast oil reserves like Iraq.

To talk about US, UK & Israel 'imperialists' I don't intend to implicate us ordinary folk bamboozled, fooled or otherwise forced - as we are - into accepting the Hobson's choice of 'selected' candidates to elect and who make political decisions on our behalf. The guilty are exclusively the self-appointed 'elite'. And their toadies include most politicians, who are frequently inept (except at fobbing-off persistent reporters) and seem to have little idea of the underlying malevolent agenda of their 'superiors', plus well-off supportive hangers-on and a whole army of indoctrinated bigots and misguided simpletons. All vulnerable to simplistic propaganda ('Get Brexit Done') or that bribes (promises 'trickle-down' or 'level-up', etc.) or sufficiently threatens their status or position. They're the 'soldiers', so to speak.

The 'generals' (to continue the metaphor), the true 'elite', are top politicians - esp very rich ones, together with representatives of BIG corp: ie, BIG oil, BIG military, BIG pharma, BIG food - esp meat - BIG investors (banks), BIG media (the MSM), plus BIG bosses: CEOs of FTSE 100 +, including billionaires like Dyson or Branson (who was active in trying to destabilise Venezuela, for instance), the traditional upper class landowning mob.... etc., they're the fly in the ointment, as it were, who like a poisonous fungus turn everything they touch into a deadly slime that spreads and infects so much of society, in the West at least. So many of us are left with a kind of moribund resigned acceptance or hopelessness.

The Brexit Fascists, unlike the Fascists who began the Spanish civil war, have achieved the first step in their ambitions without military conflict and so far with less carnage. Will the UK public wake-up to recognise the current specious propaganda for what it is? There's no sign yet, regardless of increasing poverty and the other consequences of decadence.

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