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“Let me control the media and I will turn any Nation into a herd of Pigs” (Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister).


A bald, craggy faced little man with doleful eyes and floppy cheeks sits at a desk in a plush office near the top of a London tower-block. The desk dwarfs him and he appears slightly ridiculous, like a 12-year old with an old-man mask. He’s approaching 90, is clean-shaven and is wearing glasses. A huge side window shows a vertiginous panorama across the city, stereotypical of the 20th century CEO office. Beside the window is a glass table spread with open newspapers; the opposite wall is dominated by a large Rembrandt, sombre and imposing. Opposite the desk, some ten metres away and just beyond a strategically placed lounge chair, is a set of double doors in teak - stamped on the outer side of which, in gold lettering, is the name: Robert Bloodnoch.

Today Bloodnoch, who likes to be addressed as RB, has a visitor. He often has visitors and is frequently one himself at other plush command centres, even in covid-19 times. The man he’s about to meet waits patiently in the outer office. Meanwhile RB in his CEO attire minus the tie stares through the window twirling his thumbs in thought. Suddenly, he turns and reaches out to the intercom. ‘OK Maddie, send him in.'

The doors slide open and in walks Keith Steamer. His whole demeanour gives him away: the wide-eyed gaze and raised eyebrows as he takes in the unfamiliar luxuriance, the cautious crossing of the threshold with an obsequious stoop as he moves towards the lounge chair, the look of impressed mystification.

Faintly grinning, RB remains seated. He beckons to the lounge chair: ‘Hello Keith, good of you to come. Take a seat.’(...what a nerd. This should be a pushover.)

‘Thank-you Mr Bloodnoch.' (Sly bastard, all this fancy opulence, doubtless to impress and daunt visitors. Can't let him get the better of me again, not after I sacked JC in return for party leadership.) Steamer sits and puts his smart executive briefcase on his lap, as though it contains diamonds.

‘RB. You can call me RB. There's a lot to discuss, so let's get down to it. My research tells me you're already on-side regarding most issues so I don't anticipate too many hurdles. Besides, you've already cooperated on several fronts, if sometimes unwittingly.’(And what you're not on-side with you bloody well will be by the end of this meeting... or else!)

‘One or two, I suppose, since becoming leader.' (What else..? Either way, better to let him think I'm on board.)

‘Good. There’s a few issues you won’t know but may have deduced. It goes without saying that this meeting and what I reveal – should you ever need to…'

‘We've both been around long enough.' interrupts Steamer, ‘Nothing goes further... not even my secretary knows I’m here.’ (...though several others do. I'll fill them in later on what I can get out of the old sod.)

‘Of course.’ says RB, 'Plus as key insider of the Corbyn cabal, keeping our contacts informed was evidence enough of your position.' (treacherous little sneak... probably a sucker for flattery too, unlike his former boss.)

'He was never one for secrets. Your people could have picked-up most details. Nor was he prone to blurt or bluster like some, though from his record it wasn't hard to deduce what he was thinking.' (...could read him like a book.)

'So very predictable,' sneers RB, 'but not one to compromise or give in to pressure - unlike that hapless deputy of his.'

'Tom Watnot?' chirps Steamer, obviously surprised, 'That inept little turncoat!' (What the hell does he want to bring that prick up for?)

'Indeed. Thought he won cheap favour among the rabble by challenging my integrity and being offensive. Then he turned on them and ended-up high and dry, hated by all sides.'

'Your lot soon finished him off.'

'Finished himself off, the thin-skinned little doik... or big doik as he was then.' adds RB scowling, 'Now working for some gambling outfit, I believe?'

Steamer nods, 'Shows which side he's really on.' (Why this irrelevant tosh?)

'Our side.' says RB now with a smirk, 'If he hadn't been so fickle and unpredictable we might have been able to use him... but let me put you in the picture: For more than three decades we’ve been able to dismiss certain major events as conspiracies. You know that, of course. True, we have popularist nuts like David Pyke... occasionally a great asset we subtly feed with whatever we want ridiculed, hence removed from public focus.... but whatever the method, it’s always important to put the public and nosy reporters off whatever they've got their teeth into that’s too close to the bone. If we miss something then the effort required to deal with it just increases.' (No harm in stating a few obvious facts in case the ignoramus hasn't got it.)

‘Like explaining the death of Princess Di? Her crusade against cluster bombs, not to mention embarrassment to the royal family...'

‘Indeed,’ interjects RB, with discomfort, (Wow, I wasn't expecting that.)

'A victim of the establishment.'

'Only as a last resort, if they can't be otherwise persuaded, do we take out a key individual. Be sure, though, we always prefer to avoid that.’ (Maybe I should've kept that under my hat, but then it was a quarter of a century ago.)

'So my intuition was right.' (Amazing; practically a confession)

‘I wasn’t intending to go into detail on every venture. You can infer well enough... as would anyone who has their eyes more than half open. Luckily, most incidents strike the public as too improbable, too difficult or too much of a coincidence… and besides, as I say, our conspiracy propaganda deals with much of it.'

‘Like 9-11 being a Mossad false-flag pretext for invading Iraq?' (Might as well go for the top conspiracy while I have the chance... see how straightforward the old bastard is.)

‘That’s another example….' RB concedes, as though with reluctance, 'Any source of support for Palestine, as Iraq was, had to be neutralised. You know that as well as anyone. Even if Saddam could have been bumped-off it would have made no difference, so war was inevitable at some point. There was pressure from big oil too, of course, and big arms and the military, then reconstruction deals... plus the prospect of taking Iran back later. They all added to the equation.'

‘A big equation.’


‘On one side those things you mention, and on the other millions of Iraqi lives.'

'Come on,' snaps RB crossly, 'We don't need to go into this now.' (Does he really think I give a stuff about all that? We had a job to do.)

'Plus several assassinations. Kelly, for instance. But not Blix?’ (May as well sift out what I can from the old Fascist...)

‘Kelly was a problem to the UK. Besides, Mossad insisted MI5 take him out, and what a hash they made of it.’

‘No significant public reaction, as I recall. Just a few medics noticed some inconsistencies was all.'

'And wrote books about it.' declares RB, brightly, 'To no avail, I'm glad to say. Our group and associates refused to take ads; they failed to sell more than a handful.'

'And Robin Cook? Nothing was unprofessional or shabby about him. Was that also…?'

‘You don't need to know about that. Nor pinko John Smith back in '94... a very smart guy and an even greater threat.' (He's really enjoying this. I'll soon have him won-over completely.)

'And who also suffered heart failure with no previous signs.'

'I never understood why they didn't use that technique on Kelly. Doubtless, juvenile MI5 operatives preferred fake suicide. Anyhow, none of this is relevant now. You're here today to focus on the future.’ (surely that's enough preliminaries?)

‘Yes RB, I get that... but...' (He's getting impatient)

‘Good. So to what’s important is the next decade and beyond.' (But, but... what more does the pillock want?)

'If I have to make decisions, I should know all the background, palatable or not.' (Must keep probing while I can.)

'Together with media counterparts and friends in Tel Aviv, we make the decisions, not you,... the significant one's anyhow. And part of the background includes our people getting you elected instead of that pathetic Corbynite colleague of yours Rita Ling Bingley. She'd certainly have trounced you without Jewish billionaires like my friend Pete Kerrigon funding your campaign.' (That should wake the jerk up. Show him who's boss.)

'I accept that, but why insist on kicking Corbyn out as well as her? He's surely harmless now as an ex-leader and it looks bad on me.' (Can't let the bastard dictate everything. He knows their only crime was being what he likes to call pinko.)

'He's the most obstinate politician I've known; about as flexible as a billiard cue, like all pinkos. We did try, if only in case he somehow prevailed. In the end we had no choice but to discredit and then trash him completely. Despite that, we still failed to get through to the younger generation, so his influence and supporters remain strong. Above all, we don't want to inspire any other potential Attlees.' (OK, so the jerk wants a fight; it just means I have work a bit harder is all.)

'I'm afraid I don't quite see it that way, RB. There was... is... the NHS, for instance.'

'Well, you'd better think about that. Look at it this way: after the turmoil of WW2 plus Churchill in such high esteem, the establishment took its eye off the ball. The result: devastation of the status quo... what Attlee did in four years has taken seven decades to dismantle and much of it still lingers. Foot was a pushover in 1983, as Corbyn should have been in 2017 - that was a wake-up if ever there was...' (Does he really need me to spell all this out?)

'Even so, the media backlash at Corbyn's popularity was over the top.' (Why is he telling me this ancient history? Does he think I'm some kind of a retard?)

'True, an 80 majority does look rather obscene when without that effort Corbyn would probably have gained a similar lead. There's a lot of very disappointed and disgruntled people out there, but they're powerless. We have to keep them subdued, and Boris is the perfect medicine for that.'

'All mouth and no substance.'

'Precisely.' nods RB, 'A brainless clown who does as he's told - that's crucial; as is spreading optimism.' (Oops: Clown... does as he's told... Will he take that the wrong way, I wonder?)

'And the antisemitism attacks, did they really have to be so relentless?'

'As it turned out those were unnecessary, but we couldn't take any chances after 2017. Besides, we needed a decent majority to undo the last of the Attlee legacy.' (Good, he didn't twig... not that it'd matter if he had.)

'I can't be seen to be part of that.' (I'm not taking this laying down.)

'If you're unable to acquiesce then we'll all have to tolerate more of the useless shower now in Downing Street. They'll be there until your side decide to cooperate. Then it'll be your turn. It can start with you in 2024 or not. It's entirely up to you. Boris is an obedient showman, but without substance no-one can keep the plates spinning indefinitely. We'd really like a more capable crew.' (Will he ever get the message?)

'So what precisely am I supposed to do? Anything too obvious then I'll simply get booted out.' (Let's have some detail for once.)

'Not with all the undercovers Blair recruited. Some have gone, but most remain. Otherwise, how else could we have deposed of your old boss so easily? A number of Labour MPs are Jews, and there's many who support Israel anyway, the Blairites... you included... Isn't your wife Jewish?' (Maybe this isn't going to be so difficult after all. )

'OK, so fill me in.'

'With the pricks currently in office it's fairly crucial that you do take over four years from now. If you’re able to get your act together, get your cabinet well ready in advance and solid behind you... no turncoats, no Corbynites, no pinkos, not even token ones, then you're there. We've wiped most of them out now and they must be kept out. The handful remaining can be relegated permanently to the back-benches. You, above all, are qualified to ensure that…' (A touch of flattery never goes amiss.)

'You ask a lot, but what specifically do you want me and this new cabinet of mine to do? I mean the manifesto?'

‘Policy details will come later. First, you need to adopt a key tactic the Tories always use: ie, pacify your potential opponents. That is, convince the remaining pinko Labour MPs and any who waver that backing you is their only option. The Tories rarely need to do that... they're either entirely loyal or can be easily bribed. Plus, as an old school teacher friend once told me: "make friends with the bad kids". Take your detractors out to dinner… befriend them.... treat them special. You won't win them all, but you’ll win most. And don’t worry about the public; apart from a few insignificant intellectuals they’re astonishingly easy to manipulate… unbelievably gullible and controllable. The psychology is elementary. I learned that as a teenage kid, how the press had more power than any politician. You could print and sensationalise something and its credibility would stand above anything else.' (Elementary trivia; but will he take the bait?)

‘All as described by Bernays?'

‘Indeed.’ responds RB, 'Back in the day Edward Bernays was my hero. And how else do you think we got Boris to support such a potentially destructive policy as Brexit than by promising him the top job if he did? You only have to watch – and you really should watch - the way our Boris… highly privileged, Eton educated elite, multi-millionaire etc., etc., - you only have to watch him operate. What a joker … and an inveterate liar… but see how he's believed and trusted by hoards of pathetic losers, especially in deprived areas where there’s not the remotest chance of them benefiting as Boris has promised. So far, he's doing great, but underneath he’s an inept buffoon and will have to be replaced when he becomes a liability, which he undoubtedly will, especially when his promises are seen to fail...' (Who'd have guessed, he actually knows about Bernays!)

'Like the inevitable failure of levelling-up that replaced age-old discredited trickle-down?' (Same old con. I wonder what euphemism they'll come up with next?)

'Precisely.' says RB nodding, 'By the time the plebs wake up to the fix, the Tories will have new tactics. The bad taste from the failure to level-up, though, will require several years for the public to forget. That's where you come in with your reputation for sobriety, respectability and moderation. You just need to occasionally be economical with the truth, as they call lying these days.’ (More flattery... we're getting there.)

‘What about projects like Trident and HS2?’ (Detail, I want detail... he just doesn't have any. This is all about power.)

‘What about them?’ sighs RB, 'Steady as it goes.' (No need to startle him with real detail. Just establish an understanding: obedience disguised as cooperation or gentle persuasion.)

‘And selling weapons to the Saudis...?' (This is just a start of what I need to know.)

‘Of course.' says RB, 'Delays, increasing budgets, selling... whatever... that’s how the corporate world operates... extort a few quid each from millions of plebs who wouldn’t know how to spend it anyway, and you can have any project you like. And arms are a highly lucrative UK export.' (Must lay it on the line. Surely he doesn't need me to explain the corporate system?)

‘What about the consequences?'

'Not our problem.'

'Then how about free-broadband for all that we proposed?’ (He's not going to cave-in on welfare either, I know.... maybe try for some relatively benign policies.)

‘Free?' barks RB, 'When instead you can extort millions of little charges? True, several million people won’t be able to fork-out, but so what... most of them will be hapless numbskulls anyway?' (He really doesn't get it!)

‘And the TV licence.' says Steamer, 'If the signal like broadband is there anyway then why not make it free to those who can’t afford it.' (The greed of Fascist billionaires like him is insatiable. Does he really not see it!)

‘Nothing should be free.’ snaps RB, leaning forward, ‘Everything should be earned. Otherwise where's the motivation for anyone to work? We dish out far too much free as it is... but we're getting off the subject. I want to discuss...’ (This is becoming tedious.)

‘What about the vast sums made by speculators who do nothing?’ (Must shove home I'm no pushover.)

‘You mean the financial institutions, pension funds and so on?'

'Wealthy individuals.'

'They have to work at speculating, and they’ve earned or inherited the money they start with.'

'Most have a broker do it for them.’

'A few.' concedes RB, 'And it’s their assets along with investment outfits that keeps everything ticking along as it does.’

‘You mean like British Rail with its subsidies - dishing out taxpayers' money to investment funds for free. And utilities with their vast overcharging, especially of millions on the breadline?' (Good work... don't let up. Make the sod understand.)

‘It works.’ Snaps RB, impatiently, 'Changing it would create untold turmoil and would fail anyway like the Russian revolution. These things have been tried. They always fail.’ (What the hell is he up to? It's like arguing with a first year student in elementary political theory.)

'I can see,' says Steamer, 'this isn't going to be easy.' (He has no idea. He sits at one end of the political spectrum and power-ladder while my potential supporters sit at the other of both... with me stuck in the middle trying to somehow bring them together. He must see that, surely he must?)

'That's entirely your choice.' (If he thinks I'm going to budge then he's crazy.)

'How can you be sure that if I go along with everything you say, I won't switch once I'm PM?'

'Don't think we haven't thought of that.' snaps RB, 'There'd be more than enough Blairite rebels to demolish whatever majority you'd have. A little run of defeats and you'd be history.' (What kind of an idiot does he think I am?)

'Seems like you and the Blair brigade have it all sewn-up.' (How can I trounce this bastard?)

'Obviously, as with Cameron, May and Boris, we'll make sure you'll have your Coulson, Timothy or Cummings to advise you.' muses RB in a tone of nonchalant inevitability, 'The first two didn't achieve much, but with a big majority Cummings at least did what he was put there to do. Now he's being replaced by people more capable of organising the next phase. Boris doesn't have an intelligent cell in his body, let alone his head... never has had. Luckily for us, he understands that too. So instructing him is crucial if we're to turn the country into...' (Oops! Better not spill anything on that little subject...)

'You might have picked them for Boris, but I'll have my own advisors, thanks.' (Who the hell does he think he is, some kind of God?)

'Then you'll achieve precisely nothing.' says RB with a dismissive wave of his hand, 'You'll receive only scorn and ridicule from your supporters, followed by quick demise. We'll make sure of that. And we have a couple of characters lined-up to replace you if need be... we can arrange any situation we choose. True, your failure to cooperate might make it hard for us, but I guarantee you won't win. Come on-side with us, surreptitiously, of course, and by all means... indeed preferably... faking hostility too, but go along with us or else lose everything. Your choice. Focus on the fact that you'll enjoy a lot more leeway than we could ever give Boris.' (He can't argue with that. I've had enough of this pointless banter. Must bring the meeting to a close.)

'Even so, you're expecting a lot more than is reasonable.' says Steamer, 'I'll have to discuss the position with colleagues and get back to you.' (No way will this sod or his minions dominate us like they have Boris. We have to find a way to be independent of his sort and their lethal propaganda machine.)

'Do that.' says RB, swinging his chair and standing. 'And we can discuss the issues in more detail in a month or so when I'm back in the UK. Otherwise I'll be in my New York office and although busy am always good for a phone call or other communication on any urgent matter, as too are my Israeli associates. Maddie will give you details on your way out.' (That should settle the little prick's mind for now. I'm about ready for a coffee. He can get one from the machine in the foyer if he likes...)

'OK,' says Steamer, getting up. (I feel blank. They're just so sodding powerful. Will we really just have to acquiesce?)

RB reaches over to the intercom, 'Maddie, all finished in here now. And give Keith the usual contact info.'

Wearily, Steamer turns and shuffles towards the entrance as the doors slide open, his posture bent, his briefcase held in both hands in front of him.

'Thanks again for coming.' says RB, 'And do keep in touch.'

Maddie stands placidly aside while Steamer leaves the room.... she knows, as we do, that in the end Bloodnoch is going to win...

END (of this episode...)



Enemies of Empire

...the losers...

(or rather, those who strive to represent them)

Three GREAT whistleblowers



Extracts from:

"If you’re an American (or British) politician, you very quickly are made to appreciate that Israel owns you and nearly all of your colleagues. Indeed, the process begins in the U.S. even before your election when the little man from AIPAC shows up with the check list that he wants you to sign off on."

"And, here is the tricky part, even while you are energetically kowtowing to Netanyahu, you must strenuously deny that there is Jewish power at work if anyone ever asks you about it. You behave in that fashion because you know that your pleasant life will be destroyed, painfully, if you fail to deny the existence of an Israel Lobby or the Jewish power that supports it."


It's also clear from events over the year that the UK Home Sec is an Israeli appointment and that Bojo has absolutely no choice about sacking her, any more than he did Cummings. They can 'misbehave' with impunity, as indeed can the entire govt. It is a govt set-up as toady to Israel... has it ever been otherwise? And now Israel has finally, after a massive effort, succeeded in wrenching the Labour Party back from the 'left' and returned it to their Blairite friends, so now it has both major UK Parties by the balls. No-one would believe it, but it's staring us all in the face. Perhaps you'll think I'm paranoid - but just look at the facts. Are they really too fantastic to be true or possible? Maybe take a look at history... what provoked a monster like Hitler to power back a century ago? Luckily, for nobodies like me it's all academic... entertainment,

* * * * *

In response to the inordinate reaction of JLM and the Jewish establishment to the antisemitism issue in the Labour Party:

I can't think of ANYTHING at all that ANYONE could say to me (or anyone with more than half a brain) about being English or white or about my race/culture/origin, etc., etc, etc.... that would strike me as remotely offensive - or at least that I'd find offensive. So why are Jews so incredibly fickle and sensitive? Are they mentally deranged? Whatever your history, can you imagine being offended by ANYONE saying your parents generation were the cause of WW2 or some other mad event... ?

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