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The ISRAELI grip


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Harping On

Striking results from Dec 12 analysis of election voting intentions on this Yougov site. For instance:

RED = Labour .................................Blue = Tory




The relationship is amazingly (suspiciously) linear, with the crossover at around age 40. Why are the young highly progressive but reducing from age 30 on, and why is the trend to become increasingly reactionary as we age?

And I ask myself, how come I moved in the opposite direction: after starting like everyone else as a teen - well in the 'red' - I've only got redder? That is:

I'm no communist... just a moderate socialist who believes that an intelligent society must be good for everyone. As a first priority we should all have free access to a decent lifestyle with generous subsistence, comfortable accommodation and exemplary public services and so on. Once that's secured, we should have the opportunity, should one make the effort in fair and legal ways (or get lucky somehow), to become wealthy, able to afford luxuries - big house, fabulous car, holidays etc.... and/or pursue exciting, gripping, creative activities, whether in work or leisure.

Above all, crucially, parents must have free first-rate child-care and associated services so no kid grows up deprived or neglected - to operate in a flexible common-sense manner of mutual learning and co-operation. In fact our society should be something like this: HAPPINESS

Going by the yougov survey, most people as they age move away from this and instead towards a more Fascist-oriented preference; they reject the socialst scenario.

My generation grew up during the 35-years following Attlee's introduction of socialist policies from which everyone benefited enormously, rich or poor. So up to 1985 I'd enjoyed all the great advantages: easy health care, free further education, access to a decent job of my choice, mortgage for a semi-detatched house even on an income that was so low that if I'd had kids they'd have been eligible for free school meals... then Thatcher began to dismantle it all and the rest is history.

Corbyn's Labour promised to restore much, though not all, that the Tories had removed of the fabulous Attlee policies. But, NO.... astoundingly, my generation has become overwhelmingly Fascist and proclaimed with resounding clarity their message to the next generation, which goes something like this:

"Go to hell. Why should we help you? just because we did OK, doesn't mean anyone else should. True, we were lucky, immensely lucky in fact, we had this fabulously easy 35-years of outstanding government that gave us a great start in life... indeed, a great LIFE altogether... but you, the new generation, you just want our money and we hate you for it. We might be rich, but we're selfish bastards too and will never allow you to have what we had. We need the differential so we can feel superior and in charge... maybe we'll throw a few morsels at your pathetic charities if we feel so inclined. But otherwise you can live in hovels and sweat it out in the factories and officies that pay our pensions and the dividends that keep us in luxury, provides our care... so hard cheese... And no more elections!"

And see (in the above chart) how people's concern for green issues change as they age.....

So much for the 50's generation - my generation - and what a load of shitheads we are! I hope you youngsters who we envy so much for the youth we no longer have can somehow get back at us....

I propose that since anyone over 50 will have completed more than half of their lifetime, with only 15 or 20 years of working life left, then 50 (or even 45) should be where they become no longer eligibile to vote.

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From my (the 50s) generation, to the NEW:



A Correspondance


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Mossad & 9/11


Political note (5.1.20)



I was intending to avoid politics for a while, it's just so crap at the moment and getting rapidly worse. It's as if the most heinous pricks are running everything these days - talk to the super-rich, especially the ones you've never heard of, and you'll find their views are almost as diabolic as their political flunkeys.

The nearest parallel that comes to mind is the Daleks: 'a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants... drawing inspiration from the Nazis, Daleks are violent, merciless and pitiless cyborg aliens, who demand total conformity to their will and who are bent on the conquest of the universe and the extermination of what they see as inferior races' (from wikipedia) - In the case of our unelected rulers replace 'extermination' with 'exploitation'.

That's the kind of maniacs we're landed with: it's not just a jungle out there, but a jungle of bedlam, a jungle ruled by the insane.

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This added mid Feb

Boris Johnson's 'Andy Coulson' (Downing Street's 'Murdoch' plant) - ie Dominic Cummings - on board with Fascists both in the UK and the US - lined up with Farage, Murdoch, Trump and Netanyahu (Israel PM)... so with Cummings acting stooge, the UK is effectively being run from the US, as doubtless is Canberra by Australia's 'Cummings', whoever that is.

Boris, it seems, has been directed to assemble a coterie of exclusively obsequious infants (ministers) to attend his school room (cabinet office) so he can entertain them and get them to chant back in unison his - that is, Cummings's - policies.

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back to January

The US - Trump - bumps-off an Iranian big-shot and declares that he's not escalating instability in the region. Can it really be to divert media attention from the impeachment issue - by the timing, perhaps? But according to most independent commentators the US has been itching to annihilate Iran for more than a decade, probably ever since the Shah was deposed in 1979... not that the US is especially bothered about Iran these days, but regarding the middle-east, at least, Israel has been dictating Washington's policies since the 1960s.

So what's actually behind this recent attack?

This is my take: and see how contented the US sec-of-State Pompeo looked as he pronounced that the slightest retaliation by Iran would mean the US attack on 52 targets already selected. (Iran should have been ready for something like this and reacted instantly... pre-empting any counter-threats).

Most striking, though, is the similarities between Israel/US and Iran/Palestine/Lebanon (etc): they BOTH do the precise opposite of what they declare. Israel/US says it has no wish to create hostility, when creating as much devastation and murder as they think they can get away with (esp against Palestinian kids who throw stones at their oppressors), while their opponents cry-out over and again 'death-to-America' yet actually do nothing (probably because there's not a lot they can do).

Where these two opposing forces differ is Israel/US being socially advanced but with an aggressive foreign policy, while Iran/Iraq is socially primitive with a comparatively benign foreign policy.

Israel also has experience at False Flag tactics, and Pompeo - holding such notions in mind - will doubtless (with the rest of the White-House) have planned out a clear strategy before the assassination. It's my guess that they expect/hope some hot-head Iranian to independently attack (ie, something more substantial than mere pot-shots) a US asset so creating a pretext for the US to launch an all-out attack on those aforementioned targets. Otherwise, Mossad will surely oblige with the so-called False Flag.

We are led to believe from the usual 'establishment' media that politicians on all sides think like simpletons and even criticise Trump for failing to predict the scale of anti-American reaction from the public in Iran and Iraq. Unless they're concealing their true understanding of the situation, which may well be the case (they're habitually so stupid and short-sighted, one wonders what the hell any of them do understand?), they seem only to see the obvious surface of what's happening, as if they can't or don't want to look further than their noses.

And Israel's reputation for deranged ingenuity together with gratuitous brutality, has frequently demonstrated that they care nothing for individual Jews even (whether or not they support the regime) because it's they who end-up suffering most from the antisemitism Israel's crimes provoke.

I should say that some of my heroes are (or were) Jews: the late Carl Sagan, for instance, and Harold Pinter, the recently deceased Jonathan Miller, then Stephen Fry and Alexei Sayle... not forgetting the amazing 'Family Guy' team... the list goes on and on...etc., etc.

But the Jewish establishment is another issue. Michael Rosen, Alexei Sayle and others have supported Jeremy Corbyn when under attack from the Jewish establishment - which includes most media.

I think of 1930s Germany when the Nazis received huge popular support, while a significant minority of Germans looked-on horrified. So it's not Germans who should be condemned for WW2, but Nazis. Likewise with Israel... it's not Jews but supporters of Israeli Fascism that are the problem, which is mostly Jews, but includes once powerful maniacs like Blair and his billionaire Fascist supporter Murdoch... neither are Jewish, yet they support Israel - as exclusively do their countries: the UK and US - unlike the entire rest of the world, except maybe Australia (Murdoch's original base).

Ever since it was formed, Israel has been bad news, and probably (at least since South African apartheid ended) the biggest menace on the planet after the US and climate change. The US destroyed Guatemala in the 1950s, Vietnam in the 1960s, then more countries in Central and South America (where efforts continue to this day), then Iraq, Libya and now... Iran?... a pretty appalling legacy to say the least. Hence the feral jungle, as it seems to me. I just feel bloody lucky to be living away from the action.

The only solution is: stop being so open and honest, and instead learn from the oppressors, try their tactics for a change. Don't call for the dissolution of Israel - such an aim would be better unvoiced - it should be undertaken by stealth with not the remotest hint of a warning. I'm thinking now of those gruesome multi-jawed aliens in the film 'Alien' - you wouldn't warn that murderous fiend, would you? Likewise Israel, which isn't a person, so no-one needs to be harmed even; but until Israel ceases to exist as a separate entity, there'll be no peace in the region, nor probably anywhere nearby.

I've always wondered too why a diaspora such as the Jews have, has its own country - separate from the country they're born in or live in. We all know the history, very roughly at least. But why, on that basis, shouldn't any of us also have some location kept exclusively, say, for in my case 'white lower-class English people' or for former 'Vikings' (whatever your ancestors were) - a region in Norway, maybe, or France... wherever those ancestors happened to live 2000-years ago? (If there was such a place for me I'd keep well away from it, sure as hell).

But Jews have acquired over millennia a reputation for an exaggerated sense of entitlement, yet at the same time have seemed to be oblivious of any concept that non-Jews - gentiles - are equally entitled. These days, at least, when this arbitrarily self-adopted sense of entitlement is challenged, they accuse the challenger of antisemitism.

Having met very few Jews, I can only go by what others have said or written on the subject, plus what's currently in the 'air', so to speak, or on the 'air-waves'. From my own experience there's no shortage of gentiles with that same sense of entitlement, though by far most don't have it. But Jews, famously, have always disproportionately acquired great wealth and manoeuvred themselves into positions of power and authority. We're all familiar with the acquisitive expression on the face of the stereotypical Jew.

It used to be Freemasons who most held this kind of a grip on powerful positions in society, and in Italy the Mafia fostered the same kind of superiority-complex in their clan.

What's most astonishing, though - and indicates the insidious nature of the problem, as doubtless contrived by the Jewish establishment - is how everyone currently is so petrified of confronting this monstrous con... the most palpable and treacherous 'elephant-in-the-room' ever, that no-one dares to challenge as they have the Freemasons and Mafia.

It's as if Israel and their supporters are blackmailing everyone who opposes them, or who sympathises with their enemies, with threats of accusations of antisemitism - implying they're Nazis and approve of Hitler's persecution of the Jews (among others). This is how they disposed of Corbyn - who all his life took the side of the underdog, appropriate here the Palestinians in their perennial struggle under the Israeli iron-heel.

It's about time Jews who back Israel and anyone else who supports them were called-out for the charlatans they are. There is a significant minority of Jews who condemn Israel, as there were Germans in the 1930s who condemned the Nazis. Why don't more of them they speak-out.... are they under greater threat, maybe from Mossad, than anyone else? I guess so... there's no other explanation I can think of.

But now we'll see how Israeli Fascists are going to do to Iran what they did to Iraq via their Washington toadies who, as I say, are just itching to fire those guns and drop those bombs and engage whatever else of their vast military arsenal.

I think of Jack in 'Lord of the Flies' - but this time there's no 'civilised' adult to stop the slaughter, alas. Will the EU attempt to intervene, I wonder?

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The ISREALI Grip (30.1.20)

See also 'Corresponance' below:

(+ for a comprehensive analysis see Jonathan Cook's outstanding BLOG)

What I've called KEY ARTICLE was posted a few days before the Dec 12 election. It's one among several that expose the immense scale of Israeli power. Here's a small excerpt:

Gideon Levy, an Israeli journalist and author who writes a weekly column for Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, commented on the smears last week:

‘The Jewish establishment in Britain and the Israeli propaganda machine have taken out a contract on the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. The contract was taken out a long time ago, and it was clear that the closer Corbyn came to being elected prime minister, the harsher the conflict would get.’

This echoed the view of Professor Norman Finkelstein, whose mother survived the Warsaw Ghetto and the Majdanek concentration camp, and whose father was a survivor of both the Warsaw Ghetto and the Auschwitz concentration camp. Finkelstein said:

‘If Corbyn loses, a lot of people in the Labour Party are going to blame it on those Jews who fabricated this whole anti-semitism witch-hunt hysteria. And that will be a problem, which… you know what the bigger problem there is? It’s true! Jews were the spearhead of this campaign to stop Corbyn. And so, there’s going to be a lot of anger within the Labour Party – that’s not anti-semitism, that’s factually based.’

Finkelstein added:

‘The British elites could not have gotten away with calling Corbyn an anti-semite unless they had the support, the visible support, of all the leading Jewish organisations. You have to remember that during the summer, all three major British publications, for the first time in British Jewish history, they all took out a common editorial denouncing Corbyn as an anti-semite and saying that we’re now standing on the verge of another Holocaust. They are the enablers of this concerted conspiracy by the whole of British elite society to destroy Jeremy Corbyn.’

There's a lot more in the article, but the extract is surely enough to illustrate how Israeli propaganda quite apart from that of its Tory accomplice has profoundly alterered the destiny of the UK and removed some key freedoms that UK citizens will no longer enjoy once out of the EU - (ie, if Labour had won the election, a better informed electorate would have almost certainly voted to remain within the EU in a second referendum). Like that absurd Nazi propaganda slogan 'Work sets you free', the reality the public are presented with is precisely the reverse of the truth: that is, 'Work enslaves' - or in the context of the current situation Corbyn, as is well known to anyone who's followed his activities over many years, has always been a firm supporter for the rights of any discriminated people whether black, gay, Jewish, Palestinian... and it's that last category, of course, which is the problem here.

As a former senior member of 'Stop War' Corbyn as PM would have blocked sales of arms to Israel - the UK has for many years been selling them the very weapons they use to murder Palestinian youths.... not to mention to the Saudis against Yemen. Again see Key Article.

* * * * *

The next sinister development in this sorry saga is as follows: -

UK Tory govt policy: Yesterday (29.1.20) on radio-5 just after 10.00, the minister for local govt announced in a live interview that he'd sent letters to local councils in England and Wales instructing them to support Israel, adding that he'd received several replies telling him to 'Get stuffed'.

When the interviewer (openly-Tory Emma Barnett) asked how he would respond, he said he would consider withholding funds from councils that failed to declare support.

This is the kind of grip, quite apart from ensuring a Tory victory, Israel now has on the UK....

Imagine Mrs Thatcher in the 1980s likewise threatening councils with reduced funding if they failed to voice support for South African apartheid (which she infamously supported vocally and economically).

Q: Why is no-one in any UK political party calling-out the Tories for thier heinous pro-Israel policy?

A: They're ALL scared of the Jewish establishment and its vast power.... they are scared the same might happen to them as happened to Corbyn and Labour, who should have won the landslide instead of Johnson, and above all they are scared or being accused of antisemitism.

If the UK had true democracy with PR (proportional representation) then Corbyn would be PM now because a coalition would have formed, however raggedly, to defeat the decade or so of Tory dominance and misrule that has wrecked so many lives, caused so much suffering... with homelessness, foodbanks, etc.... and was actually 'spent' anyway.

Plus the Fascist plot to take-over the UK through first instigating brexit, could have been thwarted with a new - this time informed - referendum.

Alas, as ever, the Fascists, the Jewish establishment, the billionaires, the Eton mob.... have outsmarted the plebs. Or to use a Corbynism:

... the FEW have outsmarted the MANY.

So it goes.... (as Kurt Vonegut would have said)

* * * * *

For further examination on this...



(The contents of this green section is copied from

'The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025')


DiEM25 is a pan-European, cross-border movement of democrats.
We believe that the European Union is disintegrating. Europeans are losing their faith in the possibility of European solutions to European problems. At the same time as faith in the EU is waning, we see a rise of misanthropy, xenophobia and toxic nationalism.

If this development is not stopped, we fear a return to the 1930s. That is why we have come together despite our diverse political traditions - Green, radical left, liberal - in order to repair the EU. The EU needs to become a realm of shared prosperity, peace and solidarity for all Europeans. We must act quickly, before the EU disintegrates.

A Correspondance

initial email from DiEM25 UK:

Dear Friends and DiEMers,
On this day, we can only extend our sympathy to all those who worked so very hard to create an alternative to Tory Brexit Britain.
All of us who campaigned for a Labour-led government, for a progressive and internationalist majority in the UK and to secure ‘real change’ for the many not the few, must stand proud today.
There was no one cause for the defeat, but one root is clear: the lack of time and space for honest, serious and respectful discussion. From three word slogans on Brexit and the monstering of Labour in the media to poorly crafted consensus on a second referendum and a manifesto, which, though hopeful, seemed too unreal to a country that for ten years has been told that there is no alternative. All this stems from a deep, broad and unresolved constitutional crisis and from our inability to defend a civil culture based on listening to each other.
We remained convinced that the way out of the ongoing Brexit crisis and the way into a stronger, modern democracy, still involves pausing and discussing our shared future through a process of empowerment of the Citizens of our four nations whose demand to take back control has received no real satisfaction.
In the past month and days we have had many messages of solidarity from DiEM25 members across Europe and many more are coming through today.
Now more than ever we need to remind everyone how important it is to keep making the case for a transnational, pan-European democracy, without which there is no hope to challenge global economic inequalities and climate change.

Now more than ever, we need a period of reflection and active discussion on the way forward both for defending and strengthening our democracy in the UK, and for defending and strengthening our relationship with mainland Europe.
Now more than ever, we need people like you to make a step forward and bring your ideas and enthusiasm into our movement.
We will join those fighting for transparency and a democratisation of even more secretive Brexit negotiations, and for a defence of the NHS against ongoing privatisation.
We will continue to work closely with leading advocates of electoral reform, whilst pushing ever harder on our plans for Citizens’ Assemblies.
We are happy to see that in the Labour Party leadership election, Citizens’ Assemblies on climate change, electoral reform, extending devolution, reforming our Union are all on the agenda. The Labour Party and its line of march will be an important factor in our assessment of the way forward, but it seems clear that networking around many forms of progressive alliance will once again be crucial.
We will work with our DiEM25 colleagues in Scotland and Ireland to be able to give well-informed and constructive support to the independence debate which has been inflamed by the Brexit debacle.
The work of the political empowerment of people is what unites our efforts: local, regional, national and European. The polarised politics of Us and Them and the gambling metaphor at the centre of our first past the post elections, where the humiliated strive with the little power they have to back a winner, are not viable options for progressives. We remain convinced that it is not enough to have politics done for people, that it needs to be done by them – by the many not by the few.
In the new year, we invite our local Collectives to hold an open discussion and make some plans for engaging in the fightback. Please send us information about your meetings wherever they are so that we can help support you and join the discussion on the forum on a UK wide meeting that Wellingborough DSC has offered to host.
Please also send us your thoughts, we need a collective brainstorming to find a way out of this mess and most of all, a collective fightback against the forces of reaction that have taken over in the UK and in many parts of the rest of Europe.




So I did:

We know how the Tories took control -

We watched it happen, helpless... why didn't you/someone send in the strategists????

It's clear enough from the venom dished out after Corbyn's shock increase in support at the 2017 election. That result woke the monsters, and they pulled all the stops... after all, even apart from political issues, £bns were at stake. 

MediaLens exposes the key element in this article:


In a nutshell: UK foreign policy, including ensuring brexit, is apparently directed from Tel Aviv. Simple as that. Accusing Corbyn of antisemitism is as ludicrous as accusing Boris Johnson of being a communist. Corbyn has spent his whole political life working more than any other UK politician against prejudice, yet naive former Labour-supporting over-50s believed the far-right propaganda that told them otherwise.

With the UK now free from the EU it is vulnerable to control from anywhere the elites decide is most expedient - most benefits their aims.

If Corbyn was PM then UK small-arms sales to Israel would cease, as would arms sales to the Saudis - plus official opposition to Israeli foreign policy, and support for the Palestinians.... this would match the rest of the world (except Washington and Canberra) in its recognition of Israel as a rogue State.

The problem is ISRAEL ...

Israel controls US foreign policy too. The Iraq invasion was, at least in part, appeasement to Israel whose dominance of Palestine was threatened by Iraq's support of it. Will Israel's US toadies do the same to Iran.... who knows?

But right now the UK is in their grip and, as ever, the poorest naive flunkies who voted as the Tory media instructed, alarmed too at antisemitism accusations from the Jewish establishment, will pay dearly for this colossal error.... while the elites have never been so contented, a little surprised at the ease with which they carried out the greatest heist in recent times...

What must be done now is that EVERY effort at EVERY opportunity must be taken to frustrate, destabilise, upturn...etc., etc., their efforts, especially to combat their efforts to do likewise to break-up the EU. So above all, as their tactics will too, this has to be with STEALTH, where possible SURREPTITIOUSLY.... emulating, perhaps, the kind of techniques Steinbeck describes in 'The Moon is Down' .But never forget that your opponents are ruthless, relentless and virtually unstoppable. No tricks or methods to counter their aims should be discounted. They've made immense headway.... they have to be stopped unless we want a planet with huge worsening climate problems, and the spread of Fascism... because that's what they are: Fascists in disguise, Fascists with smiley masks... clown Boris, presented on 'The European' a few weeks ago as a pantomime dame, the dress should have been vestigial shielding the true Ogre underneath.

Good LUCK..



Thank you for your message Phil Clarke. I wonder if you have read this gentleman’s column - I think you would enjoy it:


I’m afraid I think that Israel is very much the product of western imperialism and European-style nation-building… and as you say, a major ally doing very well at this at the moment…

All the best and good luck to you too,

Rosemary, member of the DiEM25UK NC


My final response:

Many thanks Rosemary for that link to Jonathan Cook's outstanding blog.... the essence of which at least, it strikes me, should be included in every school curriculum and otherwise publicised so that pressure can be put on politicians to work-out how to deal with the problem.

I'm not Jewish, yet have great respect for some Jewish people who I'd guess are aware of what Jonathan describes in that blog, and who oppose Israel's activities - but, for instance, in the first paragraph under the heading 'Death to the Arabs' he confirms impressions I recall from Isherwood's 'Goodbye to Berlin', ie: 

 ...because they were presented as too clever, or as manipulative, secretive and untrustworthy.

One could include attributes like: astute at business, ruthless, power-seeking.... etc. But the UK media, especially senior (editorial) positions at the BBC (even DG) have been and are disproportionately held by Jews who are sympathetic to Israel. That's been obvious for many years.

Clearly, the actions of the Israeli State are pretty deplorable and obnoxious to say the least and those who support them seem even to be acting as if they hope to actually provoke another holocaust -  that, I think, is the most sinister aspect of the situation as Jonathan presents it. If only Israel would conduct its affairs like most other people and countries, as benign and fair-minded (at least regarding foreign policies), then their situation would invite sympathy and goodwill. As it is they are deeply interfering with the destiny of the UK and - even more potentially disastrous - Europe. I mean disastrous for Israel and the EU.

My knowledge of history is poor, but reflecting on nearly a century ago of why Germans elected someone who was going to 'deal-with' the Jews - presumably Jews, above all, were not slow to take advantage of the poverty caused by WW1 - they elected, perhaps inadvertently, a monster. Yet perhaps too only a monster would have been capable of addressing such formidable opponents - at least, Jews currently seem to be pretty formidable if Jonathan's blog is to be believed - it is very convincing, and I'm sure he's right.

There needs to be some kind of European, international, whatever... powerful delegation that can force Israel to relinquish the stolen land and revert to how it was when formed, and to completely release any kind of grip on Palestine or anywhere else, like the UK right now (just because their toady Boris Johnson is on side - scarcely to mention now he's free of EU oversight). 

The proverbial  misnomer-in-the-room, 'antisemitism', needs to be tackled quite urgently, I think, especially now with Trump's current one-sided 'initiative'. It's up to senior politicians everywhere, esp Europe - since the US is somewhat shackled at present - to get together and not be scared of humbug like absurd accusations such as against Corbyn and Labour. They have to slay the Israeli dragon! Otherwise, I imagine, some new kind-of Hitler will eventually emerge and the issue will be dealt with in ways, perhaps not as terrible as before,  but in ways nevertheless that no-one would want. 

Anyhow, thanks again for that link - I'll read more of Jonathan's blogs. Hoping to see some kind of assertive action from intrepid senior EU politicians who unlike those in the UK govt are probably not focused solely on self-interest. 

Phil Clarke


See more of Cook's BLOGS... esp from 7.1.20 HERE