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The Climate... again

"Under capitalism a forest has no value until it's cut down" (from ICH)

"A Crime Against Humanity" (Medialens)

I reckon the issue is more than ripe for informed speculation: that 'COP-26' is just like all the other climate conferences - a monumental publicity stunt. So here goes....

First.... the climate situation (of potential or even imminent catastrophe) has been obvious to science for at least 5-decades yet nothing significant has been done to address the problem; rather the reverse... it's been made much worse.

Second.... climate altering pollution is one consequence (among many) of a political system where the principle function of every product and service is not only to make profit but to maximise profit. Moreover, even if there were rules to limit pollution, if an outfit can benefit financially from flouting regulations then its mandate is to go ahead.

Third.... the cost of dealing with the issues will escalate towards the exponential; so the sooner efforts begin the cheaper it'll be... by a huge margin.

For the capitalists, no amount of suffering, destruction of wildlife, forests, land, oceans, the whole biosphere... etc., is relevant; nothing is above the priority to maximise profit.

Since those who profit most are generally psychopathic or have brains with an un-developed neo-cortex, they will be oblivious to how their activities affect anything other than themselves... in the short-term. And since they exert greatest control over politics, then capitalism will prevail. This means the planet will become uninhabitable to humans and higher animals at least.... because by the time the situation gets to the point where the psychopaths realise their activities are going to reduce profit instead of increase it, the damage will be irreversible; it is already in debate whether positive-feedback from recent acceleration of glaciers melting, for instance, can be arrested - let alone reversed?

First the billionaires will switch their £$trillions from activities that climate change is impacting (ie, insurance) to ones that profit from it (ie, wind energy)... so losses caused by climate change will fall to governments, ie taxpayers.... or unprofitable services will just be allowed to deteriorate.... so those who rely on whatever is lost, usually the poorest, will suffer most (in scarcity the rich can pay).

Politicians are selected for their propaganda skills, convincing the public that public interests are paramount when the precise opposite is the truth. They say: "We'll stop climate change.." then reduce domestic air fares, while trains run half-empty. Yet these politicians, backed by their MSM machine, prevail.

NOTHING significant will be achieved at the COP-26 Glasgow conference.... it is a colossal PR fix-up.

Top politicians and their nefarious backers have always been the greatest criminals... speaking of which: who's going to fork-out for cleaning-up the sewage illegally discharged into the environment by privatised water monopolies whose investors have received tens of £bns in dividends in recent years? Ans: the taxpayer.... or most likely the pollution will be allowed to get progressively worse.... would you eat fish from UK waters?

See also: 'Our Indifference to Ourselves' or in my words: How to achieve contentment.

(ie, Read Rousseau)

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Mossad's mandate was to create a pretext for the US to demolish Iraq because it supported Palestine.