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The Aftermath

from wikipedia:


Guy Verhofstadt

Speaking on Brexit from the European Parliament in 2019, Verhofstadt said that Brexit is a "tragedy for Europe" but had the effect "that the European idea is more popular than ever." In February 2019, Verhofstadt said that Brexit leaders such as Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg would suffer a similar fate to the leaders of [govt during] the French Revolution and "end up on the guillotine".

When I read the above, I thought: Bold optimism! Let's hope he's right, at least in the metaphorical sense... (unless the English Fascists get overconfident like Hitler in 1930s Germany with similar riotous support from the worked-up rabble.)

When that happens, the very last thing lonely little England will need is another Tory mk-2 government to replicate the Blair fiasco. Labour mustn't only retain its Corbyn/Attlee policies, but must build on them, ready for the economic catastrophe from brexit and the consequent plunge into the deadly Washington cobweb.

This will surely inaugurate the collapse of the Fascist takeover and confirm the veracity of Guy Verhofstadt's prediction. Otherwise, I guess, we'll be headed for revolution! (Or oblivion as just another US State).

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From ICH (21.12.19):

"The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan." -Adolf Hitler

"You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic." -Robert A. Heinlein

"The American people are free to do exactly what they are told." -Ward Churchill

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So the Fascists win - with the help of... as MediaLens so comprehensively spells out:

perhaps the most obnoxious mob on the planet

... and to which I can add nothing useful here, so will address the other factors:

With vast funding and an immense propaganda machine - including the entire media - I suppose it should be no surprise.

The naïveté and gullibility of millions of slaving poor was ripe for exploitation by the same mob as created the brexshit fiasco - ie, the extreme right of the Tory party.

The simplistic, infantile pro-brexit and pro-Tory propaganda were designed to appeal to those against whose interest it stands. Brexit and Tory policies can only ever favour the rich, and greatly favours the very rich - chiefly by downgrading worker-rights and over-all standards for everything, plus through further tax concessions for the rich. But the working poor fell for it like kids following the pied piper - blindly and helplessly.

The 'pantomime' continued soon after the Tory landslide when the PM 'entertained' northern crowds in constituencies that had turned blue for the first time in decades.

'Hello Sedgefield!' he cries, and the crowd roars in happy anticipation... 'Hello Redcar!' he continues, and another section of the crowd cheers.... and so on for each area taken from Labour.

His aim, obviously, was to capture and pacify the crowd's feeble infantile imagination, to quell in advance future revolt and rejection and pre-empt their inevitable impatience and disappointment for the promises he knows he can never deliver - not that he would deliver them if he could: it would contradict 'Iron Heel' philosophy: keep workers in their place.

The real victims, though, are the increasing numbers of homeless, especially rough sleepers who I try to avoid or otherwise have to step over because I'm too idle or too uncaring to help, and the millions of young people who if they want further education are forced to pay for what BIG corp should be paying for because it's BIG corp who benefit most.... yet they demand lower corporation tax and their Fascist MP friends eagerly oblige on both counts.

Back in the 70s I benefited from 4-years of free university education plus a living allowance and could still run a car. That was the legacy a Corbyn-style 1945 Attlee govt - which instigated the NHS, a massive house-building programme, nationalised 'essential' public services, and created fabulous prospects for millions of ordinary lower-class people like me.

Then in the late 70s, just before Thatcher began to dismantle this brilliant system, I was able to afford a mortgage on a decent house even though my first salary was so low that if I'd had children they've have been eligible for free school meals. So my generation enjoyed all these things and thought nothing of it - just as I thought nothing of being born to outstanding parents. I took it all for granted and didn't appreciate it - it was NORMAL... it was how the world was...

Looking back I see how grateful I should have been, how lucky my generation was, how we took it all in our stride, as it were, without a thought - when in fact it was all down to the outstanding Attlee government. Even Corbyn wasn't as ambitious as Attlee, but he was close.

After WW2 there was little or no pro-capitalist propaganda; the elite regarded their stranglehold as a fixed entitlement, not even to be questioned - and temporarily, though only partially, lost it.

Then for 35-years the Tories acknowledged how universally beneficial Attlee's changes were and didn't dare reverse them.... until, that is, arch-capitalist Thatcher (the most ignorant PM then since WW2) began to demolish those excellent policies. And now in 2019 we have Thatcher Mk2... and an even more ignorant, this time Fascist too, PM.

All this will soon apply only to England. The Scots were not hoodwinked. They, like the Northern Irish, have their heads well screwed-on. And very good luck to them. I wish I wasn't living in this Fascist state England, and I can imagine how it felt to the German opposition in the first years of Hitler with that stupendous support from the naïve juvenile rabble.

What a dump England has become... lucky for me I'm retired and can stay out of it to an extent, but it's a lousy outlook for anyone young and anyone with not much money.

Now, for me, to move on to more pleasurable issues and to forget as far as possible the horrible catastrophe of 12th Dec when so many millions of people were so monumentally and so easily duped.

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Going by opinion polls the Tories stand to get a majority.

Last election, polls showed a much bigger lead for the Tories than now, suggesting they'd increase their majority. But the majority collapsed.

This time Tories and their media are less complacent. They've recruited teams of professional mountebanks with proven success in the US and Aussie, to help pull every dirty trick they can. This is also a time when the media-worms crawl from the woodwork and expose their true colour - always blue!

Anecdotal interviews with the public are carefully vetted to imply that people are switching from Labour to Tory, claiming to have never voted Tory before. The image the media are feeding the public portray Corbyn as: weak, anti-semitic, friendly towards 'terrorists', making wild promises of splashing-out taxpayers money on all kinds of giveaways and nationalisations.... etc., etc.

Above all, the media, together with those foreign social-media mountebanks, are turning the election into a pantomime contest between Johnson and Corbyn.

"Who do you support to win?" the media ask, as they show their 'loaded' videos and interviews, "Do you back this jolly 21st C clown Bojo..." they say, taking care to avoid any hints of darker or more primitive sides, "Or this decrepit old codger who wants to destroy the economy and take us all back to the terrible 1970s?"

This is the kind-of upside-down humbug that's filling the airwaves, social media and press.

But if Johnson wins, it's a win for millionaires and billionaires, for the Establishment, the Eton mob, the banks and BIG corp.

If Corbyn wins, it's a win for about ~80% of the population, for welfare services, for the homeless, the downtrodden. It's a win for a well-funded NHS, for retaining EU standards for food, etc., for improved anti-Climate-Change policies and for legislating BIG corp to pay proper salaries and due taxes.


Here's the facts:

Tories represent wealth, power and control. Their mandate is to keep the working class subdued and in their place and to create a sweatshop tax-haven. Their brexit slogan 'taking-back-control' means the elite taking back control; the 'people' have never been allowed control... the nearest was a brief period following 1945 when the NHS was born. The only 'concern' the Tories might show for the welfare of the poor is, like their propaganda, lies: mere fake, deception, trifles and ornament to ensure continued support from naive and disillusioned low-paid workers who've helped them stay in power for decades.

Labour (now an entirely different party from New Labour) with Corbyn, offers genuine prospects at last of a decent lifestyle for millions of low-paid, badly housed or homeless people who currently have to rely on inadequate benefits, frequently forced to use food-banks even when employed.

Here's a note I made in a recent email: WHY IS IT...

...that privileged and wealthy people are nearly always so horrible, selfish and lacking compassion or empathy?

You'd think they more than anyone would be generous because privilege and wealth makes for contentment, which one would expect to inspire concern for people with nothing, often not even the wit to TRY and escape their destitution. But NO, the privileged and wealthy don't give a sod.... while people with little, on the other hand, are usually the precise opposite: inviting and caring....

Wealth, I conclude, evokes the worst in people... causes their brain to fail, as if their neo-cortex has gone dead so they revert to a primitive feral state.

This is the terrible truth.... power corrupts AND wealth corrupts. I delivered Labour leaflets to 'millionaire' properties earlier and one bloke installing elaborate Xmas decorations told me if that's Labour leaflets then to clear-off, "Don't bring your lousy leaflets here." he commanded belligerently. I guess it was a waste of effort delivering to any on that estate... because, as I say, well off people (who live in MASSIVE houses) are usually pigs.


Whichever side you're on, if you have more than half-a-brain, so to speak, you'll know these things well enough.... and will know the consequences of a Tory win or a Labour win at the ELECTION.

The problem is that between about a third and half the voting population have less than half-a-brain. These latter are guided by propaganda, which is overwhelmingly from the right or far-right who run all the main media and splash-out vastly more money than the left on promoting malicious tripe designed to con the unthinking majority.

The BBC and independent corporate TV are overseen by managers under pressure from a powerful right-wing, including the Likud party in Israel who detest Corbyn for his lifelong support of Palestinians in their quest for freedom, an end to their imprisonment and ongoing theft of their land. Corbyn would, of course, halt arms sales to Israel. Hence he is subjected to relentless attacks from the Jewish establishment, which has editorial control over most UK media.

It will not be Corbyn who loses if Johnson wins, but the many millions of ordinary people who've suffered appallingly under Tory 'austerity' and will continue to suffer and have been tricked by specious propaganda into supporting brexit and rejecting Corbyn who represents their only chance of a worthwhile future.

And it will not be Johnson who loses if Corbyn wins, but a handful of billionaires, multi-millionaires and a few fatcats who are so stuffed with wealth that they won't notice the difference.


When you vote...

You can support the super-rich who cream-off colossal sums every day from what were once OUR essential services but which, through their Tory politician friends since ~1985, they've subsequently stolen from us. They cream-off enough anyway from all the other commercial outfits... all the BIG corp companies on the stock-market, the ftse 100+ etc?

OR you can support the millions of poor - and many others who will benefit from a nationalised rail with lower fares to match those in the EU (and will reduce road-traffic with pollution), nationalised energy to remove from our energy bills the vast cost of all the infrastructure of competing energy retailers, nationalised water so supplies and infrastructure are improved instead of shelling-out huge sums to shareholders, and nationalised free-to-all broadband (which consumes no more resources regardless of how much or by how many it is used).

Think about it....

The future is YOUR choice....

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