SO THE implication is that the UK population is made up mostly of Fascists, xenophobes and dimwits....


Of ~65 million people < 17.5 million voted LEAVE ( < 27%)

...or of ~46 million eligible to vote: 38%....

...the rest were either REMAIN, undecided or just indifferent, which means only 27% (possibly more) are Fascists, xenophobes, dimwits or some combination thereof (dimwits being those who failed to recognise the true source of their angst, or were vulnerable to specious propaganda). Or perhaps they, a few at any rate, hoped to punish the Established order and provoke reform - an admirable aim and monumentally belated.... if ONLY it could work... and if it does then the LEAVE supporters might have done us (or at least the rest of the EU) a huge favour.

But from what people said of why they chose LEAVE it was immigration, most of which is not from the EU. This, they erroneously claimed, threatened services like health and education, which are underfunded rather than over-subscribed (part of the 'austerity' for the poor).

As for the EU, which among a whole gamut of shortcomings managed the Greek situation about as badly as was possible, see John Pilger's broad analysis HERE. But it's the UK government that is behind the problems people in the UK face.... (except maybe fishermen).



Scotland & N Ireland will bail-out, leaving England and Wales to effectively shrink over the next few years into an insignificant Right-leaning sweatshop State.... unless Labour (with Corbyn policies) wins an election and the UK re-joins the EU on new terms, no opt-outs, no concessions, but with the benefit of the EU's leap forward in the meantime (while free of the UK dead-weight) - so a federal EU will finally evolve: unified taxes, open borders, decent social policies- end of socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor, etc., and will include the UK.

THAT's the optimistic scenario....

ALTERNATIVELY: if National Front celebrations on 24th June turn out to be justified, their Tory sympathisers will further hoodwink enough of the public to re-elect them and the UK will surge even more to the right. So WATCHOUT!

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It should be remembered that the immigrant problem behind so much turmoil in the EU was caused by US/UK aggression in the middle-east, N Africa, etc. (The EU should bill the US/UK for what it has cost them). Again, s ee John Pilger's analysis HERE .