1st JUNE 2016

The E .U. Debate...




1st JUNE 2016



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Remain or Leave?

Status Quo or Fascism?

Or rather: Evolving Status Quo - or - Evolving Fascism?

...because that's the real question:

If you observe individuals and UK politicians who support 'LEAVE' you'll recognise that they are predominately from the far right of politics, with opinions on most issues bordering on Fascism.

Those who support REMAIN, on the other hand, are predominately on the left or else are aware of the risks of Fascism, which is already on the increase across Europe.

Is the risk of repeating the rise of Fascism reminiscent of the 1930s worth even the most optimistic potential gains from leaving, which are misguided and fanciful at best going by the facts?

If you're a Fascist vote LEAVE

If you oppose Fascism vote REMAIN


For more clarity on this watch the first 9-mins of Owen Jones & Yanis Varoufakis in conversation.


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Added 11th June 2016


I just heard on a radio news report that the support for LEAVE the EU was well in the lead. So it's the extreme political right (Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.... etc., - like Goring and Hitler back in the 1930s) who are having vastly more influence than even people like Eddie Izzard, Owen Jones, Michael Moore, and, of course, obvious common sense. I suppose that's how religion is possible: ie, the gullible masses ALWAYS go for the most fantastic, detrimental CRAP possible.... look at the popularity of Harry Potter and all that magic-bilge, the vast bulk of the population always ready, it seems, to lap-up Uri Geller type pap and worse.

It all seems incredible - weirder than the most extreme fantasy - when looked at from a cool objective angle. AND I suppose it explains why, in this world that should be and could be a phenomenal paradise, the people in most countries who rise to the top of their power-structures are ever creating hell for everyone else with vast swindles that cause poverty beside untold wealth, vast wars and destruction, vast pollution, vast everything DUFF. The only conclusion is that, as with Nazi Germany, the masses are hopelessly thick, unable to see through the propaganda, happy to be controlled, unwilling to engage their brains… like naïve little kids in a playground - or rather, a workhouse. 

And there was me thinking these days with the internet, etc., that everyone was better informed. Perhaps they are, but - as ever - they have not yet learned to think. They are in lock-step obedience to a corrupt media, and the controlling swell around them.... "follow the herd," they say, "don't think just follow the herd... the more isolating, the more tribal and xenophobic the better..." - probably a reptilian survival instinct from way back that humans with an ineffectual (underdeveloped, unused) neocortex operate by.


One can imagine Edward Bernays laughing in his grave