JAN - 21



Of course this is all entirely speculative....

By applying similar strategies as for the Brexit vote in 2016, the Tories won an 80 majority in 2019: in both instances the far right demonised the left and in effect achieved a coup.

The strategy, it hardly needs saying, in both the Brexit vote and the 2019 election were entirely fraudulent, solid with specious propaganda, scare tactics and blatant lies designed for and aimed specifically at the most gullible and naïve in the most deprived constituences of the UK. The efforts of the world's most skilled propagandists from the US, Australia, Israel and elsewhere were highly effective.

Regarding Brexit, enough public to tip the balance fell for it, as the far right had assessed they would: ie, Cambridge Analytica with their subtle Facebook targeted ads, Farage with his infectious charisma, and hangers-on like Aaron Banks with his Russian billionaire funders... and Boris, of course, with his popularity for acting the clown and displays of unbounded optimism.

At the start of the Brexit debate Boris was briefly unsure which side to take: Leave or Remain? Does anyone remember that? And this was after he'd written several persuasive articles in favour of Remain - though no-one with more than half-a-brain needed any persuading.

Then suddenly he sided with Leave. What, one might wonder, was behind that decision? To me it's obvious: Boris opted for Leave because it was precisely what he was bribed to do in return for the promise that his lifelong ambition would be fulfilled: ie, he'd be given the job of PM.

Some might wonder since Boris became PM why instead of weighing an issue on its merits, he seems always so erratic, why he changes his mind so much. Might the explanation be that those who instruct Boris are just utterly inept and uncaring - except with regard to increasing their wealth and power? I'm talking about Murdoch and other media chiefs, Israel and various billionaire spivs - none of whom give a rap for the public or anyone, not for Boris’s reputation or even their own – though neither their involvement (or their existence probably) is suspected by anyone but a few intellectuals who watch the machinations and manoeuvring of Boris's cabinet and their policies.

Boris couldn't sack Cummings, for instance, because regardless of how inept either of them appeared, Cummings hadn't quite seen Brexit through when he broke covid rules.


The Coup

Although, as I say, both Brexit and the 2019 election were a coup, Brexit was by far the most significant and harmful, if also the least decisive with only perhaps a third of the voting population supporting it. In 4-years there'll be a chance to change the government... except next time the choice will be between Tory-mark1 and Tory-mark2 (or 'New' Labour again). But it will be a lot longer than 4-years before another EU referendum. As to the cost, which is ALWAYS borne by the poorest, it has already been enormous. The super-rich, who are behind Brexit, have already gained enormously - see the record increase in billionaires.

So now with the wealthy elite in control in the UK and no longer restrained or regulated by EU rules on welfare, workers’ rights and working conditions, etc., etc., the working class will gradually be increasingly exploited. While taxes for the super-rich will decline together with welfare and public services... So it goes.