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This is the second update of 2008. And this page is virtually unchanged. Good! What else can one expect from a slacker? But it's a gloomy outlook. The political world I mean... I keep an eye on this gloom because for most of the time I prefer to know and understand the truth. Though as Tolstoy observed: why stare into the abyss when you can gaze up into the light? (even if it is just a glimmer)

Without understanding what's really happening, how does one distinguish between truth and myth?

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The world situation as ordered by those corporate monsters who already dominate the planet (and whose brains belong more in jurasic jungles than the 21st C), becomes ever more brutal and menacing. Now the bastards want first nuclear strikes, I read, not against those who threaten as Russia once did, nor even those who possess the same, but those who might someday possess them. With that logic I should clobber my neighbour to death before he, for some unfathomable reason, thinks to do likewise to me .

But logic exists on another plane for these prehistoric psychpaths. They recognise only power and wealth like a vulture recognises death. Otherwise they are blind, oblivious. Certainly it's a game; and on a massive scale. A deadly serious game too - millions of lives are constantly in the balance - over a million civilians dead in Iraq, horrible deaths very often (not to mention the injured). It's going the same way in Afghanistan where the west will not rule - not in my lifetime, at any rate - but it's where Dick Cheyney's oil-pipeline was supposed to go. The pretext of so-called 9/11 has failed to secure Cheyney's oil supply. Never mind, say the neocon monsters, because it has created a colossal boost for the arms industry. Apart from Hitler, Stalin and Kissinger, never was there a greater Dick!

While these mad atrocities continue, getting ever worse, more brutal and insane by the day, so it seems, I shall let my attensions stray and maintain only a cursory eye on it via those links I've listed on another page. The heinous protective shield of the English Establishment is a great benefit to me and through it I can live free from the traumas and horrors - and rip-offs - they inflict on our many comrades around the world.