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ALSO, from 31st August 2014:

I don't have the author of the following treatise, and I'm not into 'pushing' some esoteric publication or other, but I grabbed this article from somewhere a few days ago and I think it's worth pasting here - it looks pretty authentic to me from what I know about the history of the situation and of what's going-on now in Sept 2014, and I think the links should confirm its value:


"Susan Lindauer was a CIA Asset and now whistleblower who wrote a book called Extreme Prejuce which details a great many truths about the the deceit and lies leading up to the war in Iraq and attack on WTC which the CIA, FBI, Whitehouse, and many others knew about 6 months before the attack. There are many videos of her talks and interviews on youTube. Just Google her. She was imprisoned by the CIA and they tried to drug her, label her insane, etc. in order to silence her but if you read her book you know she is telling the truth. She names names, documents her career, etc. 911 was an inside job, a crime against the American people... and a great many other people, a fraud, treason, and probably the end of America as we once thought of it.

While noting who would benefit from the 9/11 attacks, you could also add Larry Silverstein, a real estate billionaire in NYC. The towers had been found to contain so much toxic material, such as asbestos, which were required to be cleaned out if the buildings were sold, that the cost of cleanup far exceeded the value of the buildings. Nevertheless Mr. Silverstein bought the buildings and insured them to the max. Down come the buildings, away goes the cost of the cleanup, and Silverstein gets the insurance, in addition to making billions more in a new building. Hmmmm.

Who had the access, means and motive to take down the WTC? 
Who had the most to benefit from a permanent US military presence in the Middle East fighting "Muslim Terrorists"? 

We can dance around it all we want, but anyone with any sense at all will, after careful consideration of the available evidence both circumstantial and conclusive, arrive at the same undeniable irrefutable conclusion: Israel did 9/11. The involvement of any other nation state is secondary. This was a Mossad operation pure and simple.

I am definitely sympathetic to the analysis, but for a couple things. First, the coy references to other gov'ts could also include Pakistan, as there is evidence of funding from IIS. I would also tee up Turkey as a potential participant. Of course, this is speculative as well. Second, there's a need to note that even if Israeli intelligence elements were involved, that doesn't mean it was an official project of the Israeli gov't, an argument that is made when people raise the issue of an "inside job"-- elements of the security establishment carried it out on behest of elements of the elite.


Briefly ... Covert Israeli intelligence sources in Saudi Arabia inspired Prince Bandar in 1997 to fund "Al Queda" ... a Mossad and CIA creation ... in order to blackmail the Kingdom and facilitate a long term operation codenamed "Amerilord". The motive was to promulgate the Project For a New American Century (PNAC) takeover of United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East and bring massive profits to the defense industrial complex in Israel via the ATM Machine known as the Pentagon. 

The 911 plot thickens when the 'hijacker' cells moved from Germany to mainland USA ... having been penetrated and controlled by Lekem agents. Using the tactical advantage of Sayanim and Neocon operators in the USA Governmental infrastructure ... a determination was made in Jerusalem with the election of GW Bush that they could 'pull' off 911. All the players were in place. 

One massive mistake will bring them all to justice. 

WTC Building 7 . The Shanksville plane was not destined for D.C. It was to hit # 7. 

Therefore the problem. People are paying attention now. Israel ... their Jewish dual loyalty traitors called Sayanim and Neocons ... and the Cheney cabal ... really rolled the dice ... in what they thought was an odds on bet in their favor. 
While Bush was covering the criminal enterprise, things were progressing for awhile. Then the Iraq War became a blunder. The master plan for invading Syria, Lebanon, and Iran became mired in the muck. The election of Obama was a stunner and stymied the sludge into a stalemate. 

They are going to lose that bet. The American people are waking up. They are paying attention. They are questioning everything now. As Doctor Alan Sabrosky says ... Israel will be scrubbed off the face of the earth. Jews will be equated with Terrorists ... Neocons will flee like rats to hidden holes. Bush and Cheney will be put on trial for their crimes and convicted. 

Americans will be free of the false flags ... for awhile ... until they go back to sleep. But in the meantime the Islamic uprising against the West will have to be put down harshly. Welcome to World War 3.


Justin Raimondo: "Did Certain Foreign Governments Facilitate the 9/11 Attacks?" 

Nice try, Justin. You're kicking in an open door. People who have done their research on 9/11 know that Israel did 9/11. 

9/11 was also a Mossad operation: Dr Alan Sabrosky: Israel behind 9/11:http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2011/07/17/dr-a... 

Israel DID 9/11 (Israeli Mossad) Dr. Alan Sabrosky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT1AzrKuEtM 

Justin Raimondo Wants 9/11 Truth, Yet He Insults 9/11 Truthers: 
"Then, without even taking a breath, he turns right around and smears everyone who -- after studying the vast amount of scientific and common-sense evidence -- believes the buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition (as part of an inside job) and that no plane hit the Pentagon." http://911blogger.com/news/2009-09-14/justin-raim... 
9/11 is the benchmark of someone's integrity and credibility. 

Justin Raimondo has none. He is a left gatekeeper and not to be trusted. His utterances on 9/11 is a clear giveaway. His article 'Did Certain Foreign Governments Facilitate the 9/11 Attacks?' proves it again."


I hope this, together with the links, offers some illumination on the great jigsaw in the affairs of the planet's ruling elite.

PC - 3.9.14

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