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In view of the recent news that > 1-million people are so poor they're having to rely on free handouts from charity food-banks - AND that > 100 billionaires reside comfortably in London (scarcely to mention all the £million salaries, bonuses and so on dished-out to bank-spivs, etc) - would it not be worth the effort of writing to the local MP to ask what the HELL they're doing up there in Westminster?

I mean, if it's their job to manage the country, then they're making a pretty BIG hash of it. The majority of us public would obviously never approve of the above scenario, so what else can one conclude than that the management is monumentally incompetent, monumentally idle or monumentally corrupt? Considering that this huge discrepancy has been going on for decades - and continues to grow - isn't it about time someone challenged these mis-managers, and attempted to somehow collectively indict them?

In an article entitled:

'Rich People Rule - Struggle Lies Ahead' (see Washington Post)

A study is cited that concludes:

Politicians don't represent the average citizen, the study finds. They represent business interests and wealthy elites. Elected officials will not give the common citizen what he or she wants - not by petitions, phone calls, emails, letters, faxes, protests, marches or letters to the editor. Unless the moneyed interests happen to align with the public, politicians always voted against the interests of the citizens.

The implications of the study have only been compounded in the last decade. Since 2008, income inequality has skyrocketed, widening the gap between the rich and the poor

Since the UK has become very like the US in its politics: ie, staunchly capitalist... then this explains perfectly the absurd food-bank/billionaire situation in the UK. The question is: what to do about it - how to correct such stupendous criminally unrepresentative treachery?

It's no good voting - whoever you vote for of the three main UK parties (all have had an input over past decades) you end-up with the same old BUSINESS-FRIENDLY - PUBLIC-HOSTILE mob.

As for any other parties/candidates, propaganda takes care of that little loophole.

On 20th Feb 2014 in an interview Noam Chomsky said:

'If you take a look at the [US] economy that is being created, it's one in which real wages for male workers are back to the level of 1968. Over the last decade, about 95% of the growth has gone to 1% of the population. This is not a functioning economy. Just take a look around the country. The infrastructure's collapsing. There's a huge amount of work that has to be done. There are eager hands, tens of millions of people trying to get work, there are plenty of resources, corporate profits are going through the roof, the banks and financial institutions are rich. They don't invest it, but they've got it. [...] If you look at the unpeople (the majority of the population), their economic positions, wages and income have pretty much stagnated or else declined for a generation. Is that an economy that's working?'

My solution, I smugly declare, came to me a quarter of a century ago: opt-out, scarper, become an idler (so far as 'the system' is concerned, that is)... but crucially after steering circumstances appropriately over a decade or more prior to escape. Well, there are practical considerations...

OK... now I'm beginning to waffle.... must go away and think-up a NEW story.


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