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Where is this corporate world heading?

'Future City' STORY : **CLASSIFIED...**

The picture shows the hell where I live - though the word 'live' is hardly appropriate to the den of slavery embodied (and from which escape is likely to lead to a more execrable fate). With ducted air - since breathing outside is virtually impossible. It's an unusually clear day too in that picture. This was all predicted...



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I've shifted the story to a page of its own because on second thoughts I guess it's more appropriate in a 'month update page' to show key contemporary info. In this instance info on a scenario, appropriately, that's likely to lead to the kind of city (or rather: vast sprawling metropolis) depicted in the picture & story. So here it is - just a bit, at any rate...


Extracts from:

The Financial Road to Serfdom:
How Bankers are using the Debt Crisis to Roll Back the Progressive Era
By Michael Hudson
June 13 2011 "Information Clearing House" 

Financial strategists [ie, stooges of the elite] do not intend to let today’s debt crisis go to waste. Foreclosure time has arrived. That means revolution – or more accurately, a counter-revolution to roll back the 20th century’s gains made by social democracy: pensions and social security, public health care and other infrastructure providing essential services at subsidized prices or for free.


From the bankers’ perspective, the economic surplus is what they themselves end up with. Rising consumption standards and even public investment in infrastructure are seen as deadweight. Bankers and bondholders aim to increase the surplus not so much by tangible capital investment increasing the overall surplus, but by more predatory means, headed by rolling back labor’s gains and stiffening working conditions while gaining public subsidy. Banks “create wealth” by providing more credit (that is, debt leverage) to bid up asset prices for real estate and enterprises already in place – assets that either are being foreclosed on or sold off under debt pressure by private owners or governments. One commentator recently characterized the latter strategy of privatization as “tantamount to selling the family silver only to have to rent it back in order to eat dinner.”


Fought in the name of free markets, this counter-revolution rejects the classical ideal of markets free of unearned income paid to special interests. The financial objective is to squeeze out a surplus by maximizing the margin of prices over costs. Opposing government enterprise and infrastructure as the road to serfdom, high finance is seeking to turn public infrastructure into rent-extracting tollbooths to extract economic rent (the “free lunch economy”), while replacing labor unions with non-union labor so as to work it more intensively.

This new road to neoserfdom is an asset grab. But to achieve it, the financial sector needs a political grab to replace democracy with financial technocrats. Their job is to pretend that there is no revolution at all, merely an increase in “efficiency,” “creating wealth” by debt-leveraging the economy to the point where the entire surplus is paid out as interest to the financial managers who are emerging as Western civilization’s new central planners.


Rather than raising living standards while creating a more egalitarian and fair society, the ECB’s creditor-oriented “reforms” would roll the time clock back to oligarchy. Not the post-feudal oligarchy of landlords owning land conquered militarily, but a financial oligarchy accumulating banking claims and bonds growing inexorably and exponentially, leaving little over for the rest of the economy to invest or consume.


I guess there's justification in Hudson's analyses and conclusions (I've pasted only a few of them). Either way, it's pretty certain that there'll be no change in the fact that the elite - the Murdochs and Duke of Westminsters and all their bignut corporate peers who rule over everything, etc - make, by proxy, the laws that we all have to live by, and they will inevitably tighten their grip at every opportunity. There's nothing we 'surfs' can do, except create our own individual (if bizarre) routes of escape... as the tyrants (or their pharisee stooges) rush to close the few remaining historic gaps in their enslaving walls and fences. I absconded more than two-decades ago, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, but there's no guarantee that I won't get roped by some new tactic or other... just keep alert, is what I say, be always aware of the big picture - not the devious garbage the usual media dishes up, nor necessarily what emanates from dubious opposition groups (which for all anyone can tell is elite-generated spoofery, designed - often in tediously convoluted twaddle - to confuse and mislead), but instead the one that shines from between the lines - ie, from between your own ears - once you focus on obvious factual details, and on what's 'officially denied'. Also on a 2010 book (nicked from Amazon):

Freefall: Free Markets and the Sinking of the Global Economy

Joseph Stiglitz

….shows why the bulk of the cost of recovery should be borne by those in the financial sector – not just for reasons of natural justice, but for compelling economic reasons also. More than any of this, he reminds readers to think constantly about what economies are for, and the human purposes they serve.

Freefall is an instant classic, combining an enthralling whodunit account of the current crisis with a bracing discussion of the broader economic issues at stake.

About the Author

Joseph Stiglitz was Chief Economist at the World Bank until January 2000. He is currently University Professor of the Columbia Business School and Chair of the Management Board and Director of Graduate Summer Programs, Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester. He won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001…


So much for the moment.... what next, I wonder?


(too much cloud, alas, to see the lunar eclipse)


My friend Stewie (no, not that Stewie - he's fictional, Silly!) reckons I look sinister and weird in the picture, as if I've just murdered someone or am about to. Maybe he's right? I mean on how it looks, Dopehead!


OK then, how about THIS... (well, it was a bit windy out today - 20.6.11):

If you're wondering why there's only me, it's because no-one else wants their pic on this weird site! And I suppose: who can blame them? It's amazing, though, don't you reckon, how different someone can look without making the slightest effort ....


While pasting pix I may as well also place the shots I took on St leonards promenade and of the weather kiosk today:

...... ............

...............Looking west.................................................................Looking east (notice pier in distance)



...........Heading east (see the pier)...........................................Weather kiosk on left with red bar-charts (see below)

Note, this 'sunshine' chart covers about twice the duration of the other two charts so is more horizontally squashed


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