...............J A N U A R Y - 12


Website on hold while bathroom is refurbished... there's only so much slacking time in a day... a mad project, who doesn't know it... and who spends any time in the bloody bathroom anyway? True, a walk-in shower - no doors, no hassle, no bashing elbows, no stretching to get towel... means new tiles, new bog (so not-just-me can work the flush), new wash-basin (present one's way too BIG), new plumbing, new door position (20cm shift). Whew... THAT's all going to take a week or two, I reckon - at least it will at the pace I operate, between periods of idling/wandering etc. esp if the sun's out. So I guess, if anyone's reading this, it's back soon... groan... ALL that bloody WORK!

A couple of hundred years ago someone might have said: "Gawd, I wish I could be around in a couple of hundred years when we no longer have to have agonisingly slow horses to get about in all the cold and muck, which fart and get tired and lame and are generally problematic, but instead we have cars which are warm and comfortable and fast."

And a reply might have been: "Don't be bloody stupid, we'll be using horses for ever and no-one will invent a car, not that ordinary people can have, just the king maybe, and really rich people."

So NOW I say: "Gawd, I wish it was a couple of hundred years from now when we no longer have to do all these horrid jobs, which take such a BIG effort while instead we could be out enjoying ourselves and generally idling and all the work being done by androids."

And a reply might be: "Don't be bloody stupid, we'll always have to do work unless we can pay someone else to do it, and no-one will make an android that can do all the jobs that might need doing around the house, not that ordinary people can have, just really rich people maybe."

So I say: "You wanna bet?"


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Great front covers that anticipate weird intrigue and mystery: where are these guys going, for what reason, what are their aims, what are they thinking, what's going to happen??? - (swipe pic)