JAN - 2022



Blue days ahead....

...or blue decades: a continuation of the last 4 (since ~1980) but now with increased momentum having so comprehensively demolished pink 2-years ago?

Even so, I somehow always remain in the PINK un-demoralised. But it is the start of year three from when the final chance of recovering some of what the elites have stolen from the poor over the past 4-decades was solidly filched by stealth for decades to come. Not that the same mob haven't been robbing us poor for centuries anyway....

And now the Establishment dishes out medals and other meaningless gongs to their acolytes and unwitting supporters. Hence real heroes like Assange who alert the world to elite crimes get banged-up in high-security for many years, while those who partake in genocide - Blair - are awarded the highest honours.... what kind of imbeciles are they who fail to see the true situation here and continue to uphold such a decrepit corrupt Establishment? OK... the gullibility of the masses, their vulnerability to the elites' propaganda through their mainsteam media - ie, the BBC, the Murdoch press, etc., etc. is as bizarre as it is incredible. But it's reality...

Another example of the elite Establishment, remaining as primitive and ruthless as throughout history is the recent conviction of two 'Thatcher children' of the 80s ('no-society' cuts in social services, remember?) for the murder of a 6-year old kid... wasn't just to criticise, condemn and jail them for 20+ years, but now they aim to revise the sentenses upwards. No one asks about their deprived background, or how two happy contented people could commit such a crime. No one asks if their childhood left them psychologically disturbed and miserable and intellectually compromised, trapped in Tory poverty? Nor does anyone ask why a wealthy politician can order the massacre of thousands with impunity, while these unfortunate poor people are locked-up for decades.... aren't such harsh sentences a guily response of an Establishment whose neglect is the REAL cause of the 6-year-old's death? OK: it's all part of the shaddow of the decadent, degenerate regime we live under.

* * * * *

So, as ever for me, I take diversions and switch away from blueness to pinkness and yellowness and orangeness and greenness... all the colours.

To take a very tacky over-used metaphor, every day presents a chance to follow some little diversion - as going along a road has junctions and forks, so do my days. And once we take a fork there's no actual going back. True, we can divert back to where we would have been, but we can't un-learn the experience of that fork.

As with forks in a road, something attractive leaps into focus and lures us in. And each time we follow something new... hey presto, we learn something new - maybe only that it's an inappropriate fork, but more often it'll be delightful, full of fresh ideas and experience.

I'm not getting any better at selecting or rejecting what's appropriate. What I reject I never quite know. And I've sometimes tried again at some previously rejected route then as soon as I turn a corner found it delightful.

OK, enough metaphor. So my latest is a film I'd been hoping to see but was too stingy to shell-out for the DVD. And now it's on youtube for free.

Tarkovsky's 'Stalker'

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