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4th Aug 2010 JUST DON'T DO IT top


Remember the once ‘tenuous’ link between smoking and lung cancer? To the medics and anyone who looked at the correlations, the evidence was clear enough – quite apart from the fact that constantly inhaling alien substances over several decades was bound to lead to some kind of problem. Eventually – to placate the corporate elite – irrefutable scientifically-based evidence was presented. Then the pendulum swung way too far the other way. Such is the human psyche! (And after-all the only BIG loser was the tobacco industry).

Now we have a ‘tenuous’ link between air-pollution and global warming. To climate scientists and anyone who examines the correlations, once again the evidence looks clear – quite apart from the obvious fact that after millions of years of relative stability the dumping (within three or four brief decades) of vast amounts of exhaust and CO2 (& esp massive amounts of farmed-livestock methane) into the atmosphere is bound to create some kind of BIG change. Again - to placate the corporate elite – irrefutable scientifically-based evidence has been presented. This time the pendulum hasn’t moved. Such, again, is the human psyche! (The losers this time are principally the meat, oil and airlines industries - any of which alone dwarf the tobacco lobby into insignificance).

Think about it. Think about the PROFIT NOW motive. Then reflect on this:

ie, “…it is in the nature of the human species to reject what is true but unpleasant and to embrace what is obviously false but comforting.”

Now, if the profits from meat, oil and airlines, let’s say, had to be assigned first to reinstate losses from the consequences of the global warming to which these outfits have been irrefutably linked - ie, the Pakistani floods – and then to dividends, there would not only be no dividend but the share prices of these industries would collapse. The cost of their products would, appropriately, be huge; many people would still buy fuel, but few would bother with correctly priced meat. At last, the world would breathe a MASSIVE sigh of relief.

To hell with meat-addicts (not me), air travellers (me) – let them eat alternatives and use electric trains and H2-driven (or nuclear) ships... when is someone going to make an H2-powered aircraft? This generation of elite – in charge of EVERYTHING (even though their IQ and sense of responsibility are usually negligible) – represent a greater threat to humankind than H G Wells’s Martians in ‘The War of the Worlds’ (remember those huge three-legged robots and ray-guns?).

Now that the jet stream has been destabilised by all this global warming, what next?

Maybe this would be a wikileak - except that everyone already knows it. But who aims to do anything? Certainly no-one in authority. Only anarchists, rebels, and a few protesting scientists and ‘new-agers’ are likely to challenge the deadly status quo. Doubtless, the protests will be to no avail... nothing new there! But eventually the devastation will increase to a point where wars and famine and rampant disease and general mayhem take over.

And then what?