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22nd May

A Mad Saturday

@ Beachy Head

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May 27th The Mad Money Syphon top


Every outfit listed on the stock-market is in business to make money. From the stock-market's view it has no other purpose or function. We see many of those outfits around us constantly: Sainsburys, British Telecom... etc. And us public are their customers. It is we, in our millions, who feed these outfits with little bits of money every day - just as some of us feed the lottery.

And what do these little bits amount to? Answer: collectively, untold £billions. And that's not just turnover, but clear after-tax profit. Outfits are like lotteries.... except none of us win anything because although our little contributions are pooled, the prize-draw goes only to the speculator. We, the customers, have no choice in the matter.

You say: 'But you choose where you shop.' And I reply: 'They're all on the stock-market.'

Now it's true that any of us can invest in the stock-market... but do you know anyone who has so much invested that the dividends they receive are enough to live on? I guess there's a million or two people in the UK who have that level of investment. But what's that out of 60-million of us? I recall a figure of around 7% for those in the UK who own shares. Most will receive dividends of maybe not more than a few hundred quid a year.

The fact is that the vast bulk of shares are owned by other big outfits like banks, brokers, various institutions, and a million or two elite - all of whose assets will be constantly shifted from stock to stock so as to maximise values & dividends.

And all the time, those outfits: Sainsburys, BT, BA etc... will be fleecing their customers (ie, us) by a few measly quid each while cheating their employees too by keeping their pay as low as possible... all in order to maintain a big dividend (hence stock value) to satisfy investor's - or rather, speculator's - demands.

And these speculators daily rake-in their bonanza like a regular lottery win - while the rest of us are forced constantly to cough-up our last few hard-earned quid to fund it.

AND THAT in a nutshell is the heart of capitalistism - the 'Trickle-Up' system.

Me a communist? But then should someone like me who ambles & idles through life receive the same income as someone who toils at some difficult or unpleasant job (and who anyway would need a financial incentive so that jobs like rubbish collection get done)?

The solution is to establish some way - regulation/tax - of continually returning to us millions of poor the vast £bns that's continually STOLEN from us by those few rich speculators.

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May 12th The Mad SHAM top


It’s pretty irrelevant who won or lost the UK general election - who doesn’t know it?

Well before the election, Labour effectively dished-out a massive £170bn+ to banks – all nicked (or soon to be nicked) from millions of us poor hapless slaves... us who trudge daily to the office or factory so as to scrape enough to keep our squalid little flat… keep the council tax bailiffs away… and keep affording those hyped-up superstore prices. With Labour's plan to squeeze £100bn for Trident from this same hapless public, after already extorting £10bn for the plunder, torture & genocide in Iraq (>1.3-million dead so far), ongoing massacre, torture and prospective plunder in Afghanistan…  and various other toadying to the US Corporate Establishment… then who needs Labour?

Though going by history, one might just as well ask: who needs Tories?

When you have a government that freely allows a handful of fund-managers to pocket several £bn a year while us plebs who create those £bns (by doing the REAL work in those slave-holes we call ‘offices and factories’), receive less than a pittance, scarcely enough to meet those extortionate bills – then what good is government?

It is, of course, precisely 'The Government' which enables this stupendous ongoing fraud.

I mean, to knowingly join us (as the bulk of massively hoodwinked school-leavers do every year) you’ve got to be either an incorrigible optimist or a total prick. Most of us, curiously, are oblivious to our circumstances… media/cultural propaganda steers our minds onto football or the lottery or some abysmal TV-opiate game-show, or even to the life of some outlandish celebrity or the activities of those jerks who volunteer for fly-on-the-wall ‘Big Brother’-type trash. The more conscious amongst us, on the other hand, are consoled (so it seems) by the relatively unpleasant conditions we witness every evening in one or other of those even more abysmal TV-opiates called ‘soaps’ - doubtless served-up expressly for their placating, subduing effect: "What? Us revolt? But we're really well-off; just look at that lot on telly... and anyhow, so long as we can afford a few beers... who's complaining?" Has anyone noticed how alcohol is comparatively so amazingly cheap?

So it goes. We plod along... Not so the Greeks!

TODAY on informationclearinghouse:

Euro-Bankers Demand of Greece
The wealthy won’t pay their taxes, so labor must do so.

By Michael Hudson

Riddle: How are the Greek rioters like America’s Tea Party movement?
Answer: Both reject government being taken over by the financial oligarchy to shift the tax burden onto labor.

The difference is that the Tea Partiers have lost faith in government. This is just what the financial oligarchy wants, of course. Giving up hope of gaining electoral control to pursue a fair fiscal agenda, the Tea Partiers have abandoned the centuries-long fight for reform to make governments better by giving them the power to check predatory finance and wealth...

And in the transcribed words of Tariq Ali in reply to Amy Goodman on the 'Greek Issue':

“The People of Greece Are Fighting for the Whole of Europe”:

TARIQ ALI: Well, Amy, it’s exploded in Greece, very violently, as many could have predicted, because trade unions in Greece have remained strong. They feel that a lot is at stake, and they know that if these measures, which should never be called reforms—if these measures, anti-working-class measures, are pushed through by the government, their living standards of the average citizen of Greece will just go right down. They will suffer. And people are asking, in Greece and elsewhere, “How come we are being victimized? All the cuts in public spending affect us; they don’t affect the rich. And why are the bankers not being punished? Well, why is this system, the system created by neoliberalism, of deregulation, of actually legalizing financial speculation, why is this not being stopped?”
And we see in Germany, just last night, the ruling coalition suffered very heavy defeats in regional polls, and there’s pressure on Angela Merkel, the—Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, to resign, because she’s now lost a majority in the Senate, and they can’t push through their so-called reforms. And the Social Democrats, who are now in opposition, are saying that the financial system has to be thoroughly reformed. It’s the strongest statement from a Social Democrat in Europe I’ve heard. And it’s an indication that the system is in a complete mess. The reason the EU are putting in so much money is to reassure the markets and to prevent them from carrying out—from similar things happening in Spain and Portugal, which are on the brink.
So the Greeks really—the people fighting on the streets of Greece are fighting for the whole of Europe. And they held up a huge banner a few days ago on the Acropolis, this historic building in the center of Greece, saying, “Europe, join us.” And if the European workers’ movement were to join the Greeks, then we would have serious change.

When will us ordinary folk acknowledge that the ONLY way to get justice is to work together against the corrupt system we are all victim of?

If ALL the staff at BA went on strike together, then a couple of days would bring the company awake: they’d sack that union-hating prat who couldn’t manage a kindergarten, and all would suddenly be well. But there's no solidarity - no actual 'union'. People have to hold together if anything’s to be achieved: like an army, all fighting together. We know this, but it fails because some of us are just blind stupid - a perennial fact the elite and their fund-managers entirely rely on.

So these ‘thieves’, ‘swindlers’, ‘spivs’, etc, are vastly in the minority yet ALWAYS win... like a billionaire farmer with millions of 'impoverished' sheep, or rather: sheople!

Whether or not anything worthwhile transpires from the present ‘crisis’ (a crisis borne of the risk that the stupendous greed of a handful of billionaire fund-manager spivs may not be satisfied because the poorest in society from whom it was to be squeezed are resisting - at least in Greece they are), a word of advice for gamblers:

The Murdoch-media/US-UK-Establishment/Corporate elite ALWAYS win. We know this well enough. Whatever the elite wants, the elite get. If Murdoch wants arch-Tory Blair to be PM, then arch Tory Blair becomes PM. That’s what happens. If Murdoch wants Iraq invaded, then Iraq is invaded. Simple. All very simple.

So next election, if you go to the bookies, just check-out Murdoch’s preference (not that it makes any real difference to us plebs which party takes the helm... the whole gamut are - or represent - a mob of treacherous bastards) and you’re onto a winner. But don’t expect GREAT odds…

Good Luck – it may not be long, who knows?

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May 1st - Mad Psycho... what? - top


When I think of the election I get an image of that exhausted cliché: '...shifting deckchairs on the Titanic'.

And I don't mean economics - which conjures images of City spivs, banks and other corporate investors (fixers).

The whole planet is heading for a slide. All politicians ever do - whether right, left, liberal, dictator, totalitarian.... - is go for growth (more dough), high employment (more slavery), education & training (more programming)... which spells: Big manufacturing, Big markets... Big Military, Big Oil, BIG SALES (exports & domestic). Go for BIG, go for INCREASE, go for GROWTH. Ahhhh...

The strain for the planet moves towards critical. Soon enough - if all this mad rush and drive for MORE and MORE work, MORE and MORE stuff, MORE and MORE growth... continues - the planet will go under. No alternative. Which means: it all HAS to stop sometime - if only because the planet is finite. Simple.

Either we stop it or it stops us.

So if our lives - or those of subsequent generations - are to have space, quality and worth, as well as sustainability, and be free of hassle and disasters, then the sooner our direction and philosophy receives a 180-degree shift, the better.

What could be more obvious?

The BIG question is: are we capable? Or rather: are politicians?

But politicians just follow the demands of their corporate 'bosses': ie, the media and their Bignut associates, who care only for Max Dough & Max Power. Which means, ultimately, their aim is to own the planet.

Planet? By the time they 'get it' the planet will be almost dead, an uninhabitable wasteland (& waste-oceans) where whoever survives will have to struggle in a kind of inescapable hell where dough is useless, and power zero.

End of Story.

(It's a bit like when white migrant Americans defeated the native Sioux so they could seize their land; then finding they hadn't a clue how to use it, scarpered empty handed leaving bleak desolation. Such - as ever - was the wisdom of 'authority'!)

Next question: Is there a solution?

In other words: Can politicians change, or can all parties and factions be defeated - so that some intelligent alternative might emerge and flourish?

Highly doubtful, is my estimate... except when it's too late, when turmoil is beyond the point of no-return.

* * * * *

If I had any say, I'd immediately Educate ALL kids (from age-5 on) to ALWAYS question the actions of Politicians, Priests, Pedagogues and Plutocrats. (And NEVER trust anyone who says "Trust me.")

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