A Viewpoint


The Western Establishment, I hear on the radio this morning, is now complaining about concerned public who shout abuse at mercenaries in the streets of Peterborough. 'Mercenary' is just another term for 'hired gun'. These murderers, who think they've been cleared of responsibility for their crimes by the rogue state who employs them, stroll freely in the streets and expect to be applauded for committing genocide and mayhem abroad. They invade and kill people around the world and think they're doing a very fine thing.

It's the same with the Israelis who commit state terror (ie, worse than normal terrorism which is essentially limited to isolated attacks) by prolonged killing sprees and incursions into an area they've confined by force and from which few people can escape. And then are astonished when some relatively minor reprisal occurs.

It seems to me from this that those who run the world, who try to convince us public that white is black and war is peace - as they've been doing now since time immemorial (and we've been too stupid to do other than believe them) - have now stumbled on a huge problem: that the ordinary public are no longer stupid and gullible, and have begun at long last to open their eyes and see TRUTH for what it actually is: ie, white is white, and - surprise, surprise - MURDER is MURDER!

No longer will we be hoodwinked by a murderous elite who still, through stealth and cunning, maintain the upper hand.