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Lazy Cheese


This is really excellent and like roulé

When the price of Biopot yogurt leapt from £1 to £1.40 for ½ litre a couple of years ago, I bought a yogurt-maker from Lakeland. It makes 1 litre at a time and takes about 12-hours.

If you leave it 24-hrs and pour (or spoon) off the whey, the texture (at least from the Yonken 'set' yogurt) is fabulous, more solid like clotted cream... and only ~7% fat, a much more pleasant texture than the slimey texture of normal yogurt:

My first attempt, though, failed because I failed, as instructed, to pre-heat the milk to a minimum temperature of 84º C ( ~11 mins in the μ-wave). But when allowed to cool to below 50º C ( ~1½ hours) the milk can be poured onto a spoonful of the previous yogurt in the container.

Eventually I forked-out a tenner for the filter to drain the yogurt and make cheese. After a couple of hours in the filter you end-up with cheese that has a texture between Feta and cottage. And you have the sour whey to drink too - which is quite pleasant. If you weigh the cheese, you can calculate the fat content to be ~ 7% for whole milk. (Note: so-called 'good' bacteria in yogurt can only survive the stomach and reach the gut in the presence of fat, so I use whole or semi-skimmed milk.)

Dissolve a level teaspoon (or two, according to taste) of sea-salt, and a crushed garlic clove (or two).... in a small amount of the wey then stir this into the cheese. Leave in the fridge awhile to set. Spread on a homemade bread roll - which I usually make a third wholemeal rye-flour, two-thirds plain wholemeal, and maybe even add a dash of toasted wheatgerm for an extra textural bite. If you like herbs, then chop-up and add those too... a few chives, maybe. The result: highly impressive, relatively low fat, very tasty, and incredibly cheap with milk only £1 for 2.272 litres. Pour yerself a goblet of homemade vino...

...the result: MAGIC

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AND THAT, dear friends, is from someone who eats to live (not vice-versa)