the site, me, and the weird electro-chemical stunt

This site, I believe, speaks mainly to the ether, the void - which is where, no doubt, much of what most of us say ends up. 'Hot air' is the usual term. Fine.

Some day, I suspect, the whole gamut will be deleted in one great swoop like the explosion of a nuclear bomb: Internet Armageddon - the EM-Pulse has spoken!

So what difference does any of it make? Answer: NONE. It's all a self-indulgent solitaire that fills between better moments.

Same in the real world: flirt with the smooth, the tasty, the bizarre - wide berth exertion, gloom and (above all) the potentially lethal: you'll be a long time dead.

In other words: just - take it easy, don't miss too much, and have a ravin' good time... it's nowt more than a weird electro-chemical stunt.