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And very pleased you put it on the site to read. I read it several times and really got into the part and almost convinced myself that I had had the dream myself - that way I could really understand it. You wrote it 100% perfectly as it sounded just like a dream and I really felt the mood from the way you put things. I think that I also mainly understand it - see what you think.

In dreams we often place ourselves in situations that reflect our true personality without pretence. The key aspect is that you are on the fringes in 2 situations. This indicated to me that you see yourself as enjoying the company and excitement of a situation and like to get partly involved, yet feel the need to have a safety net of a bit of your own space - almost an escape route so you don't get trapped.

The fact that people enjoyed your contribution is a positive thing that shows you feel you have something worthwhile to contribute and that people do in fact listen rather than ridicule. These same people may also see you as a slight outsider (on the fringe) or at least you assume they might. 
The 'nearly missing the show' can indicate that you feel that you almost miss out on good opportunities but somehow things work out well in the end or they don't matter too much to you.

The tigers by the road are a classic - these symbolise a threat, but experience has shown you that you tend to blow things out of proportion and these tigers turn into pussy cats. This is very common as most people do in fact have a tendency to make things worse in their mind than they are in real life. I guess that the night increases the element of potential fear. It is often said that at night our thoughts run riot and magnify problems - during the day everything seem clearer and less foreboding…!?  

The next paragraph is similar to the first but it has the all-important jumping down into the possible unknown. There could be a fear of heights element creeping in at that stage but I am not fully convinced. The sex games aspect is not of huge significance but is simply an act many people follow that you are quite relaxed about but don't feel is necessarily for you, or you might feel that you have missed out on in the past? - only you can answer that from your emotion at the time of the dream.

The foam rising is an interesting one as it indicates to me an engulfing or suffocating element. This could be one of several things, the main one is an awareness that death is creeping up on you, and others (family & friends) have been swamped by it before. The other and more pleasant answer is that it was the coming out of a dream state and being engulfed by the waking feelings. Like all dreams you have woven real aspects of your life with fictitious situations. I do think that dreams can show us how we really are in real life, or show us how we think others see us. The bottom line of your dream is you either feel like a slight outsider or you think that is how others see you. But you are perfectly sociable and accepted by everyone and fit into possibly awkward situations with ease. I think it is actually quite a normal and healthy dream and not that surreal really. What do you think of my interpretation?

It also has quite a Pirandello-esque 'life is a play' quality to it - AMAZING!

Dream on! And keep writing them down as I am sure you will get some recurring themes.

Now to bed… to dream….zzzzzzzzzzzz