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And Another Thing….

Have you ever wondered why in some situations you feel indefinably out-of-key, detect a slight sense that things are happening in a mirror, or in a partial, semi-present parallel dimension? Probably not. Probably it's just me. It took me a while to fathom, when I began to realise this, what precisely was wrong - something, incidentally, which I'd always noticed but never taken heed of. Well, it's a weird thing all right. But to clarify what I mean, answer this: have you ever wondered why it is that when, for instance, you put your wrist watch on one hand it feels fine while on the other it feels decidedly odd? Suppose you experiment by putting your watch on the 'odd' wrist. Every now and then, you'll sense it; whereas on the usual, preferred wrist, you just won't sense it at all. (This phenomenon can, of course, be used to advantage).

Another example: which side do you sit on a train? Do you prefer the window on your left or right? And do you prefer to face the direction of travel or away from it? Or walking beside the sea, or a river, say, do you feel more comfortable with the favoured scene on your right or your left? And what about houses: my house is left handed; that is, the front door is on the right, which means your attention as you enter goes automatically to the left where the bulk of the house is, and is the direction in which you proceed. The 'fire place' in the lounge is on the right as you face the windows and patio and the view towards the castle and sea. What I mean is: as you face the fireplace, the favoured scene is on your left - unless you prefer a blank wall with a couple of watercolours to break-up the blankness.

There exists other subtle details like this, I think, which we scarcely are aware of yet that influence us. And their importance varies. If I'm with someone on a train then I'm unlikely to consider direction or a favoured side. Preference will be to position myself to suit the other person who I'll most probably chat with. But for those who sense a curious unease in any situation, then orientation, or even such matters as the prevailing colour scheme, should be considered for their effect.