.The Source of Conflict      


Virtually all human conflict boils down to one little fact: a few dominant people intent on stealing time or money from everyone else, some of whom resist - thereby provoking the former to assert their will with ever more brutality.

And that's it!

......If only they would be content with their £$billions and leave us alone!



The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the crisis in Lebanon and Palestine (both strictly the US/Israel v Syria/Iran), the African conflicts: ie, Sudan v Somalia (again, ostensibly, as in Vietnam and Central and South America, the US asserting a brutal CORPORATE regime) - and, it should be said, the same US corporate ideals have been adopted by the Chinese as it too rapes that continent like the US, and once the UK before it, together in those days with France and Holland, etc.


OK, so the historical detail is sketchy. But it's ALL about rape and pillage, chiefly by the bored Western elite who endlessly plunder their own country predominately (and, to the propaganda bedazzled, insidiously).

The French, then the Russians, were driven to revolutions against this sadistic dominant force: wealth, power and stupendous greed - a monster (a 'Dragon of Eden') that forever reasserts itself... that's BUSINESS!

But with only ~5% of people in this primitive group (see quote), how come the other 95% don't crush them out? The overriding problem, of course, is that perhaps a third of that 95% are either ignorant, hopelessly thick or else corrupted - that is: they (often unwittingly) obey their masters like good little mercenaries... under threat of reprisals, or the promise of great rewards. One way or another (money or propaganda), they are bought-off.


As for the rest, the ~65% (two-thirds), most are passive or pacifist, and/or idlers (like me) - or else they become active protestors or freedom-fighters (usually referred to by their armed-to-the-hilt corporate opponents as 'terrorists'). The latter here (the protestors and fighters) comprise only a few percent, probably less than 5% - making a balanced match for their corporate rivals... apart from the fact that the corporate 5% own the law and confiscate vast capital from the 95% - with which they procure their arms, and spread their heinous propaganda like a virus under the threat of reprisals should resistance prevail.