~~BIG d e l u s i o n s ~~

'Beach of Valencia by Morning Light' (1908) by Sorolla


World Sustainability Delusion

The Sport Delusion

(Religion Delusion)

The Sex Delusion






The problematic delusions addressed in this item are not naturally derived. Predominately, they are deliberately fabricated by one group of people to influence or control another group of people. In this context, they are essentially political.

Such delusions are everywhere about us. They exist in virtually every aspect of our lives. They inform almost everything we do, and we are continually victim to new ones. Yet we scarcely notice any of them. This is because we've been brought up to accept them as everyday normality. Nearly always they are disguised as essential or inevitable fact, or are presented as innocuous or irrelevant - and then frequently, unnoticed, are augmented or expanded. Since they are integral to our lives, the most significant delusions concern what goes on in the major institutions, especially in education, in work and in social life. But their greatest impact is on how profoundly we are manoeuvred in our world-view: on energy & pollution, wealth & poverty, corporatism & socialism.... in short: ELITE POWER & CONTROL versus POPULAR FREEDOM & AUTONOMY.

Anti conspiracy-theorists will believe delusions begin, develop, evolve and sustain naturally in the same way a plant grows; whereas others will believe they are mostly initiated, expanded and perpetuated by the ruling elite. My own take is that they are both. Some stem from one and then are embraced by the other, while a few remain exclusively dependent on continued support from their source and merely grow (or decline - as these days belief in god, perhaps, is beginning to despite efforts by a fringe elite to promote it).

In this item my principle aim is to expose several major delusions. I aim too, in future, to unveil more which will appear in subsequent pages. And my hope would be that from even the mere idea that we live amidst so much delusion, readers will be increasingly alert to them - until, eventually, they become completely disillusioned... An interesting conclusion which perhaps has parallels with Zen.



If you read Seneca or some of the other ancient philosophers - who've been well translated into modern prose - you'll be hard-pressed to distinguish their work, or their observations of other people of their time, from intelligent contemporary writing. This shows how little we humans have changed in thousands of years. Because we are so adaptable, to really change requires extremely powerful influences - or else millions of years.

So, essentially, only technology changes - we, as people, don't. The truth is, we are fundamentally the same inside as the original Bedouins and Aboriginals who followed a way-of-life that functioned successfully over many millions of years. Ever since several thousand years ago when we deviated from that, we've been heading for Armageddon. The massive increase in world population has accellerated this. To survive, we need either to change our approach, or else ourselves - which in the past half-century or so has become increasingly apparent. As yet we haven't even begun to contemplate doing either.

To avoid catastrophe on a massive scale we must alter our current methods of living (which is so out-of-key with the world and our inherent condition) to accord with laws that govern the biosphere which until now have worked fine for millions of years. This wouldn't mean returning to a nomadic life, or abandoning certain aspects of our various cultures. It would mean changing enough so as to OBEY those natural laws.

So the delusion here is: that our societies as they stand with their incessant consuming, fuel-burning and ever-greater economic growth and wealth and population.... is OK, when in fact they represent the actions of a race gone berserk, a race attempting to deny or oppose the very laws that govern everything that sustains life. What kind of fools are we?

It is the elite, with their ignorant political stooges who control these things, who are the architects of the current position - and who use propaganda that says: just elect us again, and all will be well. But they all carry the same crazy messages of denial. And any who don't, stand no chance of being elected - because of ingrained ignorance, endless propaganda and ever-more deeply embedded DELUSIONS. So even if 'democracy' wasn't the sham it is, catastrophic failure is the only possible outcome. The only question is - and this depends on technology - WHEN?

(See also the great money delusion - among others - on google zeitgeist - this is one two-hour video - alongside several others - but the first half-hour, including into the first minutes of part-2, may well enlighten a few otherwise shielded intellects...)

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.
Socrates 470-399 BC

Intellect is invisible to the man who has none!
Arthur Schopenhauer. 1788-1860

For me the Jewish religion, like all others, is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions.
Albert Einstein. 1879-1955



This delusion is as big and universal as the political ones - perhaps even bigger because it forms a foundation upon which other delusions can build. It used to puzzle me how at school those who partook in sports (especially competitive ones like football or cricket) would get away with virtual murder during the week so long as they turned up for the big match on a Saturday afternoon. But like the sex delusion (below) this too - like virtually all delusions - is about power and authority.

Before I begin, though, I should clarify that no criticism of sport in itself is intended here. There's nothing better, I concede, than a good comradely game of anything - cards, tennis, five-a-side... whatever - for having fun and enjoying a more fulfilled life than would otherwise be possible. And there has, of course, to be certain rules that are reasonably kept to, otherwise a game becomes pointless. What I'm attacking here is not the game itself, but the way it has been usurped by corrupt authoritarian structures which have distorted it into both a powerful mechanism of social control and a lucrative corporate machine. This is made so much easier when kids are deliberately deprived at an early age of learning to organise their own time, and then later being given nothing to do. In this way, and by exploiting the tribal instinct and machismo of young guys especially, the Establishment uses sport as a herding process and thereby asserts its authority. One shouldn't be misled by the relatively trivial 'anti-authority' disturbances at football matches. These, in fact, create for the authoritarian-system an image of sport as being detached from their grip, and thereby acceptable to those who might otherwise advocate rebellion against the Establishment. Which makes sport a method of reining-in those who are marginally anti-establishment.

Notice, for instance, how all media - newspapers, radio and TV - elevate sport to disproportional heights. This is not, as is commonly believed, led by popularity - but the other way round: it creates popularity. And as we all know, it is the media that orders things: if Murdoch had been against the invasion of Iraq, then it would not have taken place - rest assured!


The same is true of religion - a delusion which I don't intend to address in detail just now because for one thing it's such an obvious delusion, and for another it deserves a page of its own. Suffice to say: there might be little wrong with the teachings of Buddha or Jesus, for instance, but those are light-years from the vast rigid strictures that have been cooked-up and refined over the centuries by established authoritarian churches (or mosques), fundamentalists and other megalomaniac elitist groups that hijacked the name 'Christ' (or some other prophet) to further their heinous aims to dominate, control, exploit and crush, etc. Their efforts to spread ignorance and implant absurd notions that contradict obvious reality were boundless. It has always astonished me how people - who are apparently, on the surface, so much more intelligent than any other creature we know to exist - can actually be so easily tricked into believing such incredible nonsense as is contained in most religions. I guess it's because I haven't studied psychology. How gullible and accepting, though, the masses have been in adopting the mad notions propagated by those religious bigots representing a corrupt establishment. And the ignorance feeds on itself - until a handful of intrepid rebels (with the same kind of gall and determination as Jesus) stands up to challenge it. But the religious madness continues in spite of everything. (see also: 'The GREAT JuJu at the bottom of the sea') Indeed, it is an inherent trait of the elite to seize ANYTHING to further its power and control - religion, sport... - which brings us back to the issue in hand.

In playing most sports, kids aren't generally interested beyond a basic level - which is often slightly chaotic. It's only when adults start shoving their heads full of mad ideas about always obeying rules and always having to win and always getting practice and so on, that the whole issue takes on a new and insidious complexion. I say 'mad ideas', but the whole essence of these demands - obeying rules, driving oneself (to 'win') and practice (ie: work, work, work) - fits precisely the requirements of the ruling elite. It's what the elite think we exist for.

Inherently, kids aren't interested in intricate rules, nor in always winning, and as for engaging in endless practise - I can't say that I've ever known anyone who didn't need constant goading and encouragement. It is predominately (though by no means all) those with an unhealthy obsession which has been encouraged or drummed into them - and which makes it possible for them to relentlessly drive themselves - who are likely to reach the top of their field in any activity. But these are very much in the minority - they are the performers, not the audience I'm examining here. And it depends on the nature of the 'obsession': whether it derives from genuine spontaneous interest, for instance, or develops as a tactic in attaining supremacy (or even a means of escape from something else - ie, Alan Sillitoe's 'Long Distance Runner'). Either way, the true dedicated pursuers of personal excellence actually constitute a very small percentage when set against the vast numbers who follow.

Most kids, in contrast, have a naturally improvising and egalitarian outlook - and are more likely to have a broad range of interests. Which means they're inclined to take a less serious approach, to prefer rules that are flexible, and at the same time recognise that occasions arise when to give the 'other side' advantages improves the game - creates challenge when opposing sides are unmatched, for instance. (Although a world run that way might be a deal more congenial and pleasant - it would, alas, be far less orderly and reliable, and certainly less profitable to the ruling elite.) What kids ARE interested in, though, (pre teens, that is) is in pleasing adults.

It's adults who dish-out the praises; it's adults who have the power to reward - even if that's merely in the form of allowing the kid to enter the fringes of their 'adult' terrain, join their exclusive little club and associate with people who do 'adult' things. This is especially true for boys, who seek - and are encouraged to seek - that allusive masculine image, crave that mysterious world of machismo, of aggression, of pseudo-authority... and most crucial of all: approval (which is otherwise unusual or non-existent). For who in this world doesn't constantly seek approval in almost everything they do? Well, there are some - including observers of Zen.

Because of the enormous power that this adult APPROVAL has over pre-teens, together with the sense of status that goes with it, it transcends into a 'belonging' - one belongs to the approved group and thereby gains still more approval. One becomes a respected member.

We inherit at least a vague tribal instinct, a feeling of safety and comfort from belonging. But this 'belonging' - with all its inherent esteems and advantages - is actually a means of control. There can be a vast difference between living alone and living with others. And although our susceptibility varies, we are influenced by the personality of those around us, whose mere presence can have a controlling influence. In the same way, one is controlled by the culture of the group one belongs to. And if you fail to conform you risk rejection - unless you find another group that better fits your perspective.

As kids get older and less adept at partaking in sport, the ADULT emphasis in their approval and control transfers from doing to supporting, and (for the followers) the source of approval transfers from adults to peers - most of whom will be inclined to conform (that is, in their role as team supporters). Even if you support a different team, you can still BELONG because you're 'playing the game'. Only those who support no team risk being ostracised to the margins or even altogether. These days - and maybe it's always been the same in moderate societies - to be ostracised with regard to sport is actually a minor issue, and would only alarm and influence those with low self-esteem (a handicap that, in a disguised way, is inculcated early in most people's lives - though not if you're middle-class or Jewish).

Incredible as it might seem, to be a supporter of a football or cricket or whatever team, and to gallivant all over just to watch them perform, underscores the essence of many people's social lives (in the UK, at any rate). Although winning matters (of course, they have to keep winning - though not too much; the system is designed so the same teams always win enough to survive and create excitement as they move between 'divisions') it's the supporting that counts, the following, the attending of matches and related events.

When I see people at a football or cricket match I'm reminded of that dog on 'Tom & Jerry' who one day was teaching its kid puppy how to bury a bone. When the kid asks: 'Why do we have to bury the bone, Dad?' the BIG daddy dog replies: 'I don't know son. It's what dogs are supposed to do.' This seems to sum-up so much of what people do.

But the truth is: it's about Power, Authority and Control: being trained to obey, and yield to propaganda: conforming, belonging, being part of the machine (an ant in an ants' nest). And, like a kind-of soporific, it keeps the masses socially occupied too. They've got you in work, now they've got you socially. Throw-in the TV soaps and that covers virtuially your whole life! If you wish to be an individual, someone with a mind of your own, a non-conformist... well then, watch out, because at the very least you will be denied certain privileges like the loss of approval, and you will either become a loner or will have to seek like-minded friends in the wider world (Hail the INTERNET). But if you do have the insight to spot and transcend the delusion, and can observe it from the sidelines, then you'll know and will be free (and might even then enjoy watching some of the highlights) - which is probably a more desirable situation than any of your tribal 'belonging' (fraternity).

The human vulnerability to surrender almost without thought to conformist 'elite' propaganda is perhaps the greatest and most devastating human weakness and folly of all. The other great folly is the one Jesus allegedly 'saved' us from: ie, our reluctance to rebel - principally against those who aim to control us: prevent free-speech, free will... imprison without charge (to cite a topical UK issue). From these follies are born the great destructive syndromes of greed, domination, exploitation, and so on.... because (in my experience) those whose minds are truly free don't exhibit those foibles... and the more who are free, the less effective will be the efforts of those who are not.

Several guys in their early 20s were here a few months back doing some building work. Most weekends they'd go to some football match to support their team. They'd get a coach up to Birmingham or Manchester or some mad distance away and on the Monday they'd relate to us all the hassle and expense. And I got the distinct impression that they hardy noticed the games they supposedly went to watch, but were more than anything wrapped in the 'magic' of the chase and the rigmarole, and learning about the players and all the intricate trivia surrounding them. So it was really the peripherals around which the support revolved that counted for most, and the actual game was a mere side issue - though, of course, as I've said, they must win as often as possible - and put up some kind of a professional performance - otherwise they'd fall from favour (which rarely happens).




The issue of catholic priests in the US molesting children seems to wax and wane about as frequently as the moon these days. And it's an age-old problem they pose too: from schoolteachers to family friends and relations to (rarely) complete strangers. Yet the impression I get is that the problem is more a symptom of irresponsible parenting (and schooling) than of a corrupt pederast clergy, or anyone else, exploiting juveniles.

I should state straight away that I feel absolutely NO affinity for clerics or clergy of any sort, or any other ecclesiastic agent whether RC, C of E, Muslim or whatever else – less still for the insane and shady organisations that employ them. Nor do I hold any allegiance to anyone who harmfully exploits kids - or anyone else for that matter. I have no wish to defend any of them in any way. All I’m interested in here is in taking an objective view of a situation that seems to have ballooned to incredible proportions, but which at core represents a symptom that’s as predictable as sunshine.

First, the wildest delusion of all: that authority is to be trusted (see ‘The Milgram Experiment’.). This is about the most inept and self-evidently absurd delusion of all. Who, for instance, owns and operates the most hideous weapons on the planet? Who takes part in the killing of more people through starvation, wars and other (unnatural) means than anyone or anything else? Who owns almost all the wealth created by the perennially slaving working-class masses? And who, above all, supports this absurd situation? Answer: those in Authority! Who else? Nobody!

And who doesn’t know it? Everyone knows it. Everyone. So there’s no excuse. Why then, apart from where technical expertise is concerned (and even then their honesty can't be guaranteed** - see footnote), does anyone trust those in authority? The only feasible answer is: indoctrination and programming.

So that’s number one delusion.

Number two delusion is:  children can’t fend for themselves.

It’s entirely true that kids, as a rule, are physically weaker than adults, just as women are physically weaker than men. Yet instances where physical force is used, or threats of violence, are probably rare (at least in those clerical seductions) and if they are used then that constitutes rape, and shouldn't be confused with the separate issue of seduction - though I think most healthy kids over about age-7 are in fact quite capable of putting up a fight that would challenge even an experienced boxer - so long as the kid can see an ultimate escape route.

The central point is: can you imagine a single kid who, after a year or two in the kind of freedom provided at Summerhill, let’s say, would even so much as hesitate to reject an unwanted sexual (or any other) advance? Whether the advance came from an adult or a peer, whether it involved a bribe or threat, such a kid would see through the ploy, and with the confidence and natural awareness that results from that kind of freedom, they would feel no apprehension at unhesitatingly rejecting it - and nor would such a kid be in the least shocked or upset by the event.

Another wild delusion is: there are no instances where a kid can enjoy and benefit from sexual activity with an adult or a peer.

I recall from age about 9, certainly 12, and most definitely 15, when I nursed the hope that a certain person or other might seduce me – male and female. Maybe it was just fantasy, and maybe if the chance had actually arisen I'd have backed off; who knows? But the only circumstance I would have found truly objectionable would have been if the seducer were a parent or in the least threatening.

I recall too when aged around 8 or 9 playing ‘doctors & nurses ’ with other kids - this must be familiar to most people - and later indulging in various other fleeting ‘trivial’ and 'insignificant' sexual games with peers. I believe, though, that such ‘games’ were neither trivial nor insignificant, as they seemed at the time. They were, rather, a crucial part of growing-up, and meant that I developed no special curiosity or craving for relationships with pre-pubescent children of either gender.

It is true, I suppose, that kids and young people can sometimes appear attractive and sexually alluring – but this is mere appearance, which becomes obvious as soon as one reflects on their inevitable physical and emotional immaturity, and their inability to be suitably responsive... quite apart from the inappropriate physical scale difference. There are several famous examples of how an adult fell for a juvenile - Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), author of 'Alice in Wonderland' for one.

Several times as a teenager I received advances from both male and female potential seducers. A couple were quite a bit older than me – both of them I politely and even apologetically declined. The fact is, I was flattered, and had no wish to offend. Nor for a moment did I feel threatened, shocked or worried. If anything, I was amused. If force had been tried, then the assailant might have had to contend with the same level of struggle envisaged above: could you fight off even a seven year old if they put up a tantrum? The situation would have been impossible. To achieve anything at all the assailant would have to threaten real violence, which would then constitute rape; and this, as I've said, is a separate issue because a rapist is a power-maniac; and ordinary people (who are not power-maniacs) are incapable of rape.

Also, what pleasure can there be in a relationship that is neither mutual nor willingly responsive? Only, I suggest, those who crave something that they have been prevented from naturally evolving through can anticipate any gain from such a situation – or power-maniacs who crave to dominate (the psychology of which I've never studied and don't understand).


So the obvious and simple solution to those clerical (or any other) seductions then is to free children from the risk of intimidation by authority. By allowing children to retain their natural confidence, to exercise their individuality and assert themselves when challenged by adults (or peers, for that matter) with whom they find themselves in conflict, will protect them against all but the most aggressive offenders.

This kind of liberation would have tremendous spin-offs. For its lack, one has to blame the parents and the culture they propagate (or fail to reject) - a culture of authoritarianism and blind obedience. Things have certainly advanced since the pre-sixties straightjacket, but only marginally, and they've slipped back recently. As Howard Zinn says: it's not disobedience we need to worry about, but its converse: obedience. A shame this wasn't understood in Nazi Germany. Yet no-one - NO-ONE - even mentions culture when failings like those clerical seductions are reported; only huge sweeping and pointlessly unconstructive condemnations of the seducers who are only partly to blame.


Child Porn

It’s the same with internet child-porn. I’ve seen some, who hasn’t? Purely from curiosity at those endless spam emails, who wouldn’t want to see what everyone’s making such a big fuss about? But it’s all the same over and over; and after an initial cringe, it's tediously boring. Although shots of kids who are unaware they are being photographed are harmless enough, some of the pictures appear to be taken under duress, which can only be harmful. These, in my view, are equivalent to rape - and assailants should obviously be stopped. But again, half the problem (quite probably) lies in the kids’ lack of confidence to assert themselves and to confront and reject the assailants' efforts.

As a kid I, together with other kids, went swimming in the river in summer and rightly saw no shame in nudity; and one has siblings, etc. This is not the same as parents watching their own kids as they grow-up – because probably it’s those parents who’ve lost out themselves as kids who are inclined to regard their own kids inappropriately and take advantage of them.

These days anyone can go and watch people naked, kids included, on the naturist beaches. Nothing wrong with that - any more than there’s anything wrong with looking at those fine paintings of Sorolla (see above and below), or Rubens or even good old Hieronymus Bosch. And if I was to so take pleasure in watching kids or anyone else bathe naked in the sea, it need not necessarily be to enjoy some kind of weird vicarious sexual fantasy but just as likely in order to appreciate (envy too, perhaps) their agility and natural beauty – though these days, with all the weird 'politically-correct' taboos, who would believe the latter? Remember, though, that it’s usually the greatest offenders – or potential offenders – who most vehemently condemn the innocent activities of others who they secretly envy (for their lack of inhibition); such activities they venture to distort into something immoral and so condemn because they themselves are repressed, too shy or introverted and consequently have become neurotically obsessed.



Painting by Sorolla

Why the problem will continue

The principal cause of child molesting cannot be over-emphasised: POWER and AUTHORITY. It's as simple as that. Only when kids are allowed proper autonomy will they have the confidence to assert themselves and challenge adults who present any kind of a problem. This confidence is a natural condition, like the inclination to play, learn and explore, etc. If it wasn't drummed out of them from an early age, then the only molested kids would be ones who'd been physically overpowered - which as has been said, would probably be extremely difficult to achieve except in a situation where no escape route is apparent to a kid (such as being trapped within a complicit family group)

BUT then: what kid who's been allowed to retain their natural autonomy (an autonomy which seems to elude a surprising number of 'inferior' adults) will then take seriously the mad rituals and processes that AUTHORITY tries to shove down their throats... like religion, taking exams, 'behaving' in certain ways, etc, etc? None of these are going to stick - unless the kid judges it reasonable and fair? And isn't that how it should be?

This means that AUTHORITY will, by default, do everything it can to prevent that crucial sense of autonomy. They will enforce all kinds of ploys and schemes in an effort to crush it. Just reflect for a moment on the whole school environment and the mad procedures kids are forced to endure - which are presented in a kind of numbing, ritualised manner so as to drum them in all the more firmly - and you'll realise how easily and effectively their minds can be warped and taken-over. One is conditioned not only to 'fit-in' but worse: to want to 'fit-in'. The 'iron heel' of AUTHORITY here is as ruthless and unrelenting as the brutal knife of a Jewish surgeon when wielded on defenceless little boys. No-one is spared.

The only hope of escape is to create (and never reveal) a separate inner self that can observe and grow alongside the fabricated outer show. This is not the same as merely generating private thoughts and reflecting sombrely on one's predicament - though this may be a starting point. Rather, it comprises a whole separate world-perspective, an honest one that can differentiate between truth and myth, and which stands apart from those establishment adults who represent the alternative hostile reality that one has to conform to in order to survive.

This is what happened to me. By some inexplicable fluke I had the ability - which seems to elude most other kids - to recognise the hypocrisy and reject the examples of adults who promoted it - though not to do so outwardly, not so this perception of mine would be detected. It was like the mind-control in Orwell's '1984'. One couldn't be too careful. I remember at about age 6 or 7 confiding in a 'friend' about some observation I'd had of a schoolteacher, and this treacherous 'friend' went straight and told her. She (and I too) was horrified, and only by persisting was my denial eventually effective... she didn't know who to believe. Needless to say, I never repeated the error.

So it is possible, though not easy, to avoid the AUTHORITY problem - as is obvious from the many people who do (ie, here: Neil, Holt and Hesse...etc. and me) who've clearly seen (as children and as adults) how the masses, as kids, are conditioned by the system into the familiar inept slave mode they retain throughout their lives - a conditioning that's stringently maintained by (mostly unwitting) stooges of the corporate elite who rule over everything. So it's no wonder that a few of those masses will become victims to molestation by predatory primates (and others) - unlike us more fortunate escapees...



painting by Sorolla

THIS ADDED - 20.2.18

A few weeks ago Hollywood producer/director Harvey Weinstein was accused of repeated assault of many women. I don't follow these kind of reports because I'm not interested in the lurid details like the press and their readers.

Another case I didn't follow that I reckon has parallels was featured in yesterday's news: the sentencing to 30-years in prison of former football coach Barry Bennell (age 60) for sexual assault against teenage boys between 1979 and 1991.

Now, when I was a school kid, age about 12 or 13, a friend told me he with a couple of other kids had been going to the school Saturday mornings to help a teacher - who was known for being erratic and odd, inclined to blow hot and cold in equal measure. Would I like to go too, he wondered… more hands were always needed? The task was to shift books and other things - the payoff being unlimited sweets plus rides around town in the teacher’s dormobile.

My first thought: Who but a complete prat would go to school on a Saturday?” was immediately followed by ...on the other hand this sounds good for laugh with sweets and a ride around for reward, never mind shifting a few books.. So I joined him and went along.

We’d only just begun moving the books when I dropped a whole box of them which split open and the books went all across the dusty floor. And this mad teacher who happened to be within reach, raised his arm and smacked me hard around the head.

I was stunned, both physically and psychologically. My friend was a bit shocked too. After a few minutes to recover and assess the situation I said to this other kid, “I'm going,” so he joined me and off we scarpered.... never to return. REPEAT: Never to return!

Now, if that guy had started fiddling with my bum, then it would have been a laugh and not so much of a problem...  (and likewise with being hit, if I felt offended I could have scarpered and never returned). In the event, I was seriously outraged. I regretted that I'd be missing rides around in that dormobile and the free sweets, but no-way was I going to risk being smacked around the head again. Never mind slightly damaging a few books, the attack was monumentally out of proportion. 


It strikes me as extremely odd that no-one's addressed the fact that those kids who were victim to Bennell’s assaults didn't just go back.... they KEPT going back. True, to get touched-up once against one’s wishes is cause for complaint and appropriate repercussions for the offender. But anyone who returns knowing the risk have ONLY themselves to blame... like someone who walks into a burning house to get something - they might or might not get what they want (rides, sweets, fame, wealth…) but if they get burnt they have ONLY themselves to blame.

Same argument with Harvey Weinstein. Women who returned knowing he presented a risk had only themselves to blame - more often than not the reason was their own greed: they chose to make the ‘trade’ for what they wanted . None of them HAD to go back. That's the crucial issue, it seems to me, and if the accused is to be prosecuted then it should be ONLY on account of what they did on a first involvement with the victim. Whatever happened after that is down to the alleged victim... (maybe not entirely, but certainly in part) just as it would have been my own stupid fault if I'd returned the following Saturday to help that aggressive prick with his stupid books and got smacked around the head again. 

The reason all those victims... women who returned to Weinstein's hotel-rooms... grown men who as kids kept going back and getting touched-up over and over again... are so distraught about it all these years later is because they well KNOW that they themselves are the guilty ones - for placing themselves repeatedly in a situation they found unpleasant.

They wouldn't want to accept that all but the first offence was their fault, but that's quite probably why they're so disturbed: because it was a choice they freely made themselves out of greed for fame and fortune, and thought the trade was worth it. One guy on Ch-4 news said it all: he declared that he'd resisted over and over but when he saw he was missing out of a few things he caved-in and went along and put up with the touching-up etc. I thought: QED!  

Did Bennell's defence lawyer presnt this self-evident argument, I wonder? And if (s)he did then would it have changed anything? After all, 30-years seems a bit steep for the alleged offences (though I know nothing of the details here, so could be quite wrong.... in fact regarding these cases I know only what was presented on main news programmes that I watch or hear most days anyway - so I might have failed to hear of additional more serious offences such as rape?).

Another little crucial observation from personal experience that might be relevant here is that whenever something unpleasant has happened to me through no fault of my own then I've been angry maybe, and upset, but not felt it deeply internally, as it were. Whereas if the cause has been my own greed or other base motive that as a conscious rational being I should have had control over, then I may well internalise the blame (yet fail to recognise it as being self-inflicted) and suffer deep anxieties as a result that could lead to - for some people - alcoholism, drug-addiction, depression and even suicide.

If this is so then it explains the years of silent 'suffering' of those 'victims' I've mentioned who are actually victims of their own shortcomings and not of those who assaulted them (who I guess should get banged-up, but not for too long, maybe a year at most, just enough to tell them they were out-of-order and not to offend again - assuming they didn't commit rape or use equivalent threat).



CONCLUSION (provisional)

The human world is rife with delusions, weird myths, demons and various other mad tosh. Some are just playful trivia, but most exist for a reason: to more enable elite control over an otherwise 'unruly' (disobedient) mass - of people, you and me and everyone we normally meet or see or relate to in one way or another. It is we who are victims of these wild delusions that exist to constrain our autonomy and freedoms so that the elite can expand theirs. But once we realise the source, the true nature and purpose of these delusions, and how they affect our thinking and lives, then we can at last - if we choose - become free of them.

I saw many delusions while still aged in single digits. Why that was, who can say? Perhaps it was just the way my brain and perceptions worked, or that some specific event alerted me, and once alerted to something, you see it everywhere. I bought a Rover car several years ago, and suddenly I noticed the roads were full of them - whereas before I hadn't noticed more than an occasional one. Why should it be any different for recognising myths and delusions? Once you start to notice them, they begin to appear everywhere all around, intimately tied-up with a multitude of aspects of our lives. And, as we well know if we care to examine it, they are all about CONTROL: Authority and Control.

These delusions become more apparent if you adopt a Zen perspective - which clears the mind and allows you to see reality more easily. The deluding, misleading propaganda that causes ignorance floats away, and you are free to see things as they truly are, not as someone else dictates - the world becomes sensationally beautiful too. Maybe it's the route to nirvana?



I've used the word 'rape' in the broadest sense in the above analysis. According to the OED, 'rape' means (as well as enforced sex): violent assault, forcible interference, violation.

As a kid, I witnessed school-teachers commit the latter frequently - and was occasionally a victim myself. These assaults were legal, common and accepted as the norm. My own opinion, which counted for nothing, of course, (and still does), was that these acts were an outrage, no matter what a kid might have supposedly done to deserve them. These days such assaults are no longer legal, so physical rape of any kind is not permitted. But psychological rape remains an active ploy: that is, forcing kids, under some kind of threat, to do or not do what adults demand. And it is this deliberate and deadly legal loophole that allows the universal intimidation, domination, and control of all but a few lucky kids - those with the confidence to reject such infringements of personal liberty - by unscrupulous power-driven puppets of the Establishment, our greatest enemy: those willing compliant subordinates to the iron heel.



[Trusting technical experts is a problematic issue because we all know of the dentists who, in order to boost their income, fit hideous unnecessary teeth braces on naive teens, or the optician who shoves glasses onto little kids so he's got them for life, or the surgeon who persuades you to have that hip-joint done when all he really wants is to fill his quota, or the computer expert who sells you that new anti-virus package without which your computer will be in grave danger of the most terrible fate imaginable. And all those people who, back in the 80s, I advised to get an ordinary repayment mortgage and NOT an endowment type - though did they listen? "Oh, but the bank/building-society mortgage advisor knows far more about these things that clever-clogs Clarke, the nit-wit. Of course they give the best advice; and besides, their attire and manner are so professional, how could they possibly be wrong or in any way untrustworthy?" - We all know the history now. All I knew was: how can you get cheaper than ordinary repayment? Simple logic. Any alternatively HAD TO be some kind of a swindle. But, as ever, hoodwink or not, AUTHORITY wins every time. And it will all come round again the same in due course....]


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